Trails WA 2020 - 2023

Connecting people to nature, our culture, heritage and one another through trails.

Trails WA is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that;

• Provides a central, comprehensive source of information around trails in WA.

• Acts as an independent vehicle and advocate for the trails community.

• Engages and unites trail enthusiasts with each other and service providers.

• Encourages trail discovery, development and standards.

Trails WA serves to stimulate visitation to and support the sustainable growth of communities throughout our State.


...is a thriving, unique and world-class trail network shared by locals and visitors alike.

Collie is just one of the many towns to benefit from trails tourism.

Key Benefits Trails bring to local communities

Boosting Local Economies - Trails attract visitors and encourage them to stay longer. The Trails WA website and mobile app makes it easy for people to discover WA's trails and highlights other attractions, accommodation and services near each trail.

Encouraging Health & Wellbeing - Outdoor recreation is excellent for physical and mental health for people of all ages. Trails WA's social media and news platforms encourage individuals, families and groups to participate in trail activities to boost health outcomes of the community.

Trails can be designed for - and enjoyed by - people of all ages and abilities.

Our Achievements:

Top Trails Project - identified the best trails in the State, as nominated and reviewed by West Australians. The Top Trails logo highlights the quality trail experiences in each region to help visitors discover the best our State has to offer.

Trails WA Content Management System (CMS) - collation of the GPS coordinates, photos and detailed information on over 600 trails around the State into a central database. Plus creation of a portal for upload of this information by trail managers and volunteers.

Trails include bush and urban walks, cycling, mountain biking, equestrian, paddling, snorkelling, trailbike, 2WD and 4WD drive trails.

Trails WA Website - www.trailswa.com.au showcases the trails on an interactive map. Trails can be searched by type, region, experience, difficulty and even dog-friendly! Over 1.6 million page views in the past 12 months.

Find "Trails near me" at the touch of a button.

Trails WA Mobile App - developed in conjunction with Parks and Wildlife Services, iPhone users can access details of all 600+ West Australian trails in the palm of their hands, anywhere, anytime.

Develop a trail community - Bringing thousands of trail users together to share experiences and encourage participation through social media (including over 11,000 on Facebook and 5,000 website members).

Promotion of trails and trail experiences - development of curated "Top 5" lists for different types of trails across WA (e.g. 5 short walks in the Blackwood River Valley). Aims to increase participation, cross-promote tours and events, and encourage users to visit regional areas.

Branding - logos for Top Trails, Trail Towns and Trail Friendly Businesses are all part of developing a strong brand for WA's trail network.

Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022 - Trails WA was incorporated in December 2019. Key goals of the Trails WA Strategic Plan are to progress elements aligned with the WA Strategic Trails Blueprint 2017 – 2021. Key roles include:

  • Advocate - for a well planned, designed, constructed, maintained and marketed WA trails network.
  • Market - to stimulate and inspire the use of WA's trail network.

Our priorities 2019-2022

Evolve trailswa.com.au

Trails WA’s digital platform, showcasing hundreds of Trails, is the foundation of all marketing activity of the organisation. This valuable state asset requires a technology update to meet increased user expectations including off-line maps for all devices including iOS and Android smart phones.

Trails WA has reviewed and updated its digital strategy and functionality requirements and is currently seeking a developer to create the new platform.

The digital strategy includes consideration of the sustainability of the platform including potential partnerships and income streams to support its ongoing maintenance and management.

Pilot Trail Town Accreditation

A Trail Town is defined as "A population centre that offers a large range of high quality trails, trail user related services, facilities, trail related businesses, strong branding and supportive governance."

To steer the development of world-class trail destinations, Trails WA partnered with the WA Trails Referene Group to develop Trail Town Accreditation criteria and an implementation strategy.

The Trail Town logo will be used as a symbol of quality to identify destinations which meet the criteria. The symbol at the centre of the logo reinforces the Top Trail program. A style guide has been developed.

Trails WA will undertake the role of ‘Accreditation Body’ for Trail Town status, participating on an assessment panel with suggested membership being representatives from Trails WA, Trails Reference Group, DBCA and DLGSC.

Implement the Trail Friendly Business program

The Trail Friendly Business program will be introduced across Western Australia by Trails WA with a particular focus on destinations aiming to become accredited Trail Towns.

It is recognised that trail friendly businesses exist outside of accredited Trail Towns including towns along the Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Trail.

Trails WA marketing aims to support the increasing number of tour and event operators in Western Australia.

Develop Marketing Strategies

Together with Tourism Western Australia, Regional Tourism Organisations, Local Government, Visitor Centres, Local Tourism Operators and social media influencers.

This includes developing activation strategies and events to promote the use of trails - and to effectively market the best experiences in the trail network on an international scale.

$13million per annum is spent by Bibbulmun Track walkers alone - much of this in regional communities. In addition to independent trail users - an increasing number of tour operators are developing itineraries across the State that will benefit from a dedicated marketing approach.

Achieving the Vision

It is widely recognised that there has been a global increase in the development, use and demand for trails to service growth and change in participation in outdoor activities in communities and by visitors. The popularity of individual fitness and recreation activities is increasing while that of organised team sports is static or declining . (WA Trails Blueprint 2017 - 21)

Trails support recreation and active living from wilderness areas and national parks to urban places. Whether it’s walking, paddling, cycling, horse riding or running - trails provide access, direction and opportunities for exploration.

Covid-19 has accentuated the importance of integrating active leisure and the benefits of nature exposure into people’s lives. Local park systems promoted on the Trails WA platform provide introductory experiences and daily encounters that can lead into more adventurous experiences through increased confidence and connection with other trail users.

We may appear to be a sports-obsessed nation, yet nationally in 2019, around 32% of adults participated in non-sports related activities compared to only 19% in sport-related activities. Walking, cycling and bushwalking are all in the top 7 ahead of soccer, basketball, aussie rules, golf, tennis and others. It is time for outdoor recreation to receive the same recognition and support as sport.

With adequate funding to develop the new digital platform and to employ at least 1.5 staff members, Trails WA will be in a position to build its capacity as an organisation and develop, build and maximise the potential of our trail network for Western Australia.

Contact: Linda Daniels e: trailswa@gmail.com m: 0418 800 853

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