Kissin' Kate Barlow By: jaclyn deiparine #6

Throughout Holes, Kate changed from being a kind, caring angel at Green Lake to being a murderous, heartbroken woman who lost her only love twenty years ago. Kate was once a joyful woman who was Green Lake's only schoolteacher. She loved her job, she loved the land she lived in, and she loved Sam. But after Trout Walker shot Sam in his boat, she turned into this carefree outlaw who did what she wanted to.

Kissin Kate Barlow was one of the most feared outlaws in the west for 20 years. She robbed all the banks from Green Lake to Houston. She was killed by a Yellow Spotted Lizard, the most dangerous lizard in the desert.

'"Is something wrong?" Sam asked her one day as she was feeding Mary Lou. "You seem distracted." "Oh, just the weather," said Miss Katherine. "It looks like rain clouds are moving in. "Me and Mary Lou, we like the rain," said Sam. "Oh, I like it find," said Miss Katherine, as she rubbed the donkey's rough hair on top of its head. "It's just that the roof leaks in the schoolhouse." "I can fix that," said Sam.' (Sachar:1998)

Katherine smiling at Sam, the onion man.

Kissin Kate robbed banks all the way from Green Lake to Houston. She also robbed Stanley's great grandfather, but didn't kiss him. She only kissed the men she killed.

She grew old, and started driving herself crazy. She would see bizarre mirages, & start seeing Sam. She would talk to Sam every day, until Trout Walker found her and demanded for Kate to show him and his wife where the loot was. Kate raised her gun, but then tosses it aside. Then after considering that she would be better off dead, she lets a Yellow Spotted Lizard kill her.

'She knew she was crazy. She had been crazy for the last twenty years. "Oh, Sam," She would say, speaking out into the vast emptiness. "I know it's hot, but I feel so very cold. My hands are cold. My feet are cold. My face is cold. My heart is cold."Kate could smell Trout Walker's dirty feet. "You've got exactly ten seconds to tell me where you've hidden your loot," says Trout "Or else I'll blow your head off." "Go ahead and kill me, Trout," says Kate. "But I hope you like to dig. Because you're going to be digging for a long time. It's a big vast wasteland out there. A lizard leaped toward them. Kate could see its big red eyes. Linda tried to hit it with the shovel, and Trout shot at it, but they both missed. The lizard landed on Kate's bare ankle. Its sharp black teeth bit into her leg. Kate smiled. "Start digging," she says. "Where is it?" Linda screeched. "Where'd you bury it?" Trout demanded. Kate Barlow died laughing.' (Sachar:1998)

She murdered countless people, before kissing them before their last breath. Besides murdering innocent/guilty citizens, she also robbed many banks as she could. She was scarred for life, witnessing Sam's death. So she avenges Sam, but kind of goes too far.

Kate raises her gun, but then lowers it as she remembers old memories from the sweet Green Lake. What difference what it make if she died?

I think the old Kate is still there, concealed by an invisible scarf. She is like a cactus. Sharp and dangerous on the outside, but nice and sweet on the inside. I side with Kate, because wouldn't you want to get revenge on the killer who killed your lover? Kate kills herself because she wants to be with Sam. That's how strong her love is with Sam.


Created with images by Rennett Stowe - "The American West"

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