Scientific Research john demarino, class 2, Due may 13, Mirounga

Reproduction: Creating Offspring

Family of Elephant Seals
Elephant Seal Population Through the Years

Please help! The population of elephant seals has increased through the past years, but we still want to increase this population more. Please donate money to protect elephant seals, and help increase their population.

Growth and Development: Changing shape/size and learning

Baby Elephant Seals with Father

Current Event: This time of the year is pup season for elephant seals. Many of these pups get separated from their mothers. The Marine Mammal Center has gone out and helped take care of these pups, so they don't die.

Adaptation: The changing in shape or features to survive in an enviornment

Elephant seal trunk

The many scientists that have devoted their lives to research, and gather information on elephant seals have learned many things about them. The scientists that work for the website have done a ton of studies on this animal. They have learned everything there is to know about these seals.

Cellular organization: The way an organism's cells are arranged

Help wanted! Someone willing to come dissect elephant seals for further research on their cellular structure. Must have experience in dissecting. The dissections will help us understand the elephant seal better, and know how to protect them from diseases.

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