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After reading the posts people wrote, I pulled what I saw as the main themes to put into rules, developed procedures, and an idea for how I would like to use to get these into the classroom.

The Rules:

Know your Source

Respect the Author

Own your Digital Footprint

Use proper nEtiuette

The picture above is an example of how I would like to have the rules displayed in the class after we have created the procedures so the students have more ownership.

The following procedures are what I would like to create with my class each year. Start with why. What is Digital Citizenship and why should they care? Then have them look research info to support the classroom rules/expectations, deciding what those rules look like in the classroom. Then bring the groups together to learn about and decide on the procedures and ques. This creates ownership and greater accountability.

Procedures framework that will need to be covered:

Researcher will know the credibility of the sources, including author, biases, time period and applicability.

Learn how to properly cite a source not only at the end of a paper, but within as well.

REcognize that cyber bullying is just as damaging and may be more damaging than verbal or physical bullying, and it will hold the same consequences as any bullying, according to school policy. This includes on and off campus, email, social media, messages, calls, texts…

Report any bullying you experience directed at you or an other to a trusted teacher or faculty so that the damage can be stopped.

Write with skill and be polite when emailing or on social medial. Give clues to your emotion and tone.

Leave the device better than you found it and put it back where you found it.

Learn to recognize possible email threats and scams.

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