Lion: Most amazing organism on Earth Kniya Purnell

Lions are one of the big cats that's apart of the Felidae family. I chose a lion because of their strength. They will do anything necessary to provide for their family, eat, and survive.
Lions fight for food and protect their families in groups called "pride". They carry no fear and fight with their sharp teeth and claws to get what they want.

A lion can travel at a maximum rate of 50 miles per hour!

A lion can live for 10-14 years. if they are captured they can live up to 20 years.
Lion live in most parts of Africa. (commonly called African lions)
the body features of a lion is what help the animal adapt to the environment.

Lions have feature like what they smell, night vision, strong paws, sharp claws/teeth, tough tongue and loose belly skin. This helps them survive.

Lions attract the mate by their manes. The females like long, thick mane rather than smaller ones.

They reproduce by the age of four. The female carries the baby for 3-4 months where they give birth to about four lion cubs.
Lions will always protect their family!


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