B.A.R (Browning Automatic rifle)

The Browning is a Heavy machine-gun that has been built and used by Americans for several years throughout history.

This weapon had drastically changed the way of warfare for both sides. Firing at a rate of 450 rounds per minute, this weapon was practically the definition of death for soldiers in World War I.

This machine gun fired so quickly for this time period that they had to pour water over the barrel or into a round container surrounding the barrel to cool it down. Failure to do so would commonly result in an extreme misfire, causing the weapon to jam and not allow it to function correctly.

This weapon was the revolution for warfare in WWI. It allowed both sides to fight with better technology than before and make bigger dents in the opposing sides forces in a shorter amount of time.

This led mainly to the evolution of warfare. Introducing multiple variations of weapons throughout the wars in the future. The MG42, the famous German creation was thought upon because of the introduction of this weapon.

The firing rate of machine guns has definitely gone up since the Browning. Nowadays we have weapons that fire at a stunning rate of 6,000 rounds per minute. And to think this all came from a gun firing at a rate of 450 rpm.


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