Los Cocos Locos Dana, Tenny, laci & Rebecca

Los Cocos Locos is a peace ordinated community. We value equality and acceptance to all people. We cherish and respect nature and all its creatures. It's a very natural and tranquil place to live with a small population of only 962 residents.

Our community is located on a beautiful secluded island in the Bahamas with tropical rainforests surrounding our home.

Flag: Inspired by our president Beyoncé and our island animal, the monkey.

Map: Lots of homes, schools, and rainforests. Follow the key to understand the map.

The monkey species are vital to our equality based community. Each resident has a monkey "mate" assigned to them when they move in.

Our monkey mates play a role in the society and are trained to pick up litter and help their owners whenever needed. This keeps our community clean!

They also are equipped with personal radios and can communicate with their people. Everyone loves the monkeys and you will too!

We have multiple churches on the island, and their is freedom of religion. We don't judge people for their beliefs or rituals.

We have two leaders, a queen, and an elected leader annually. Beyoncé is the queen at all times and oversees all major decisions and "Pig Policies". Which are our Utopias laws.

Pig policies keep everyone in line and equal. For example some policies include: no littering, no speeding, no abuse, treat people how you want to be treated, go to your profession, no weapons unless you're in the island military, paid equally. If your break a pig policy, you're band from the pig pond. Which is believed to clense your soul and mind from negative thoughts, so being banned is looked down upon.

There are also four island owners. They work under Beyoncé and make sure very thing runs smoothly. Everyone on the island adores them and their great personalities!;)

JOBS! You take a reliable character quiz, which determines a perfect role in the community for you! If you absolutely despise your job, you can make a recommendation to be relocated.

CURRENCY! Everyone is provided with the same amount of money to live and survive. To earn more, you do good deeds! It's simple and keeps all people content!

HOMES! We live in coconut houses and are so appropriate for our unique culture. The homes run $100,000 on beachside property! What a dream!

Our transportation is through what we call a "Bahama Bus". Everyone has one with a different number to identify their vehicle. There are trails that drivers must stay on all through the island.

There are also schools all along the island that offer a fabulous education!


We love it here & you will too!

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