Building a Scene sandboX creation process

There is a method to the madness of creating theatre from scratch.

There are a few moments where we might talk, might dream, might take notes...

But mostly, we begin by moving.

It's an exercise we call The Flow.

... A guided tour where we connect with the room and our fellow artists. We work in tempos, topographies, shapes; we lead, follow, walk through imaginary doorways and capture our focus.

It leaves the outside day behind and brings you into the present.

Creation Stations

Working in pairs or threes, we move to Creation Stations -- a series of exercises that generate content without edit.

Free writing to generate text and structure
Images to create heightened movement and pleasing shapes
Talking Statues to find dialog and turns of phrase we didn't know were inside us.

Stations might also include video, music, source texts and open Viewpoints...

Each Station lasts but a few minutes before rotating to the next. There is no time to dally or overthink, it's all about doing.

Once a Station circuit is complete, the artists pan their work for gold.

What is beautiful, what inspires, what stirs...

Using these newly created nuggets, compositions are created using specific sets of instructions we call Givens.

Examples of composition Givens: change of power, change of levels, moments of stillness, unison speech, 10 seconds of silence, invented language, grand uses of space, etc... It's all about stretching yourself and thinking outside your internal edit buttons.
A list of Givens can range from just a few to fifteen or more. As always, the purpose is to create the unexpected, so rules are often meant to be broken.

Once Compositions are created, it's time for show and tell.

Popcorn time; immediate feedback... what we liked, what made an impression, what moved us...

Then we do it all again. And again. We create and create and create until we have the bedrock of the show.

From a mountain of material, the cream always rises.
It's not about what we don't like, it's about what we want to see more of.
Risk it, expand it, take it as far as it can go.
Special moments have a way of revealing themselves.
Hold on tightly, let go lightly. Trust. And always know it's about the show, it's about the show, it's about the show.

Thanks for reading. - Sandbox

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Sandbox Theatre
Photos & text by Matthew Glover for Sandbox Theatre.

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