Introducing Greg Ellis Creative and why you need them for your next event

You've probably been doing events for a while now for your folks; getting them together for conferences or treating the high achievers with incentives. And there are only so many cool and exotic places you can take people and only so much wonderful food and drink you can ply them with. Eventually, despite your best efforts, the WHAT you do can start to lose its impact.

That's when you change up the HOW you do it.

And that's where we come in

Memorable events that put a smile on everyone's faces

Although our business is less than 2 years old we bring more than 25 years of experience in the corporate entertainment sector.

We know what works and we know how to make things memorable.


The team at Greg Ellis Creative can bring any conference to life without sacrificing the other important factors: content, timekeeping and making sure sponsors and stakeholders feel valued.

Greg is an accomplished MC who has been the hand on the tiller at functions that range from large international conferences, to international sporting events to intimate celebrations. He knows exactly how to pitch things to match the tone you're looking for and elevate it to new levels

"Greg is a very accomplished MC. His ability to improvise in ALL situations is an incredibly value commodity to have in an MC and not one that is easily found. His humour is appreciated by a very large majority of conference delegates, which again is unusual. Often humour can be polarising for audiences, but that is not the case with Greg." Glenda Harding, Harding Consultants
You've seen quite a few pics of Greg in costume but here he is in a suit - just to prove he can!

We can provide Greg (or other great MCs) for your conference either as they are or in a variety of characters to help reinforce the themes of your conference or keep things interesting.

Keeping things interesting is not to be underestimated - making things seem new and fresh really helps your key messages to sink in and get cut-through.

We're also a one-stop shop to keep that entertainment going with ice-breaker and teambuilding activities as well as dinner entertainment. When you deal with us you're getting a seamless end-to-end experience for your guests that ensures that the messages of the conference are reinforced throughout and the key events, and personalities don't get missed out.


Big money gets splashed out on incentives. The WHY, as always, is to make your folk feel valued and to keep them striving to achieve. The WHAT can get difficult to change up from incentive to incentive - the towns can change but the faces and activities can be quite similar.

Greg Ellis Creative can help with that HOW. We can provide unique a fun ways to change:

  • HOW your guests are welcomed at each event within the incentive
  • HOW those events are run and
  • HOW the guests are interacted with at each event.

Our team can assist with entertainment for one event within the incentive programme but, more uniquely, we can offer something that has unique characters appear at every stop on your programme.

Ongoing characters

Our team create unique characters for every step on the incentive from as early as the airport to the final farewell and every stop in between. Every activity and location has a new set of characters created for it. They either enhance the experience at each stop or are their own source of entertainment. But more than that they help cover downtime, waiting for the bus, for entrees or for the next gondola has never been more entertaining! Your guests start to look out for our characters at each stop and can't wait to see what we will be in each location. Even better, we start to really get to know the guests and what works for truly is unforgettable

A whole collection of characters from a recent incentive

So get in touch with us to find out how we can make your next event or incentive one that your folk are talking about for ages to come - for all the right reasons!

Greg Ellis Creative phone: +64 21 620921 email:

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