Utopian Project The swamp

The Swamps Seal

When you enter this community you must live by our motto. "Sit back and relax." In our swamp your only job is to live life to the fullest. There is no need to work or have an education. When you set foot into the swamp, you will find that it is split up into three parts. First, there is the mountainous region where you can enjoy all of the winter sports all year long. Then there is the swamp. The Swamp is a humongus city with breathtaking skyscrapers, delicious cuisines, and more. Finally, the third region. The beach region is a place where you can go to enjoy yourself and have fun. It is filled with crystal clear waters, smooth sand, and tons of things to do like snorkeling, swimming, paragliding, and more.

There are 10 major rules which cannot be broken by anyone. If these rules are broken then you will be banned from the swamp forever. The first rule is that you will take a daily injection that prevents all criminal and suicidal thoughts. The second is another injection that will cancel all bad thoughts of other people. The third is if you are caught skipping the daily injections you will be sent to another utopia that is less of a quality. The fourth rule is you are not aloud to leave the swamp without special permission. The fifth rule is that transportation will be by trains and bicycles to prevent pollution. The sixth is that you cannot kill any wildlife. The seventh one is that you will have the freedom of religion. The eighth is that you must always have your I.D. on you. The ninth rule is that you must be trained before doing any activity (surfing, skiing, snowboarding, etc.) And finally, the tenth rule is that you must take care of your body.

The Swamp will be located on a tropical land with mountains. There is climate control so the mountains will always be covered with snow. But, the beach and the Swamp will be nice and warm all year long.

You might be wondering what type of government we have. Our government is a democracy, The democracy is run by a very diligent, courageous, and wise president. His name is President Farquad.

Some people may ask, "why should we come live at the swamp?" Well, the swamp is a great place to go because of all of the activities and things you can do to get away from the world and all of your problems. You can come to get away, or a vacation, or even for just a day. This is a work free educational community. So if you are looking for an adventure, come to the Swamp!

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