Fall 2016 Digital Imaging Portfolio Christopher Murphy

MARVEL COMIC BOOK COVER - The comic book cover was to focus on our ability to fill out a blank page so we understand how to stay within the lines. Also we used multiple layers so we were able to easily fill out the lines.
CARTOON REPRODUCTION - This project was done in Adobe Illustrator and we were to find a character to trace over. This taught us how to efficiently use Illustrator to make characters to be animated.
KLEENEX REPRODUCTION - This project was done in Adobe Illustrator. It taught us how to us the pen tool correctly.
STRETCH ASD DESIGN CAR - One of our first project was to stretch out a limo and design it using new fonts. This taught me how to us the Content Aware Scale as well as how to add new fonts.
HAUNTED HOUSE - The haunted house project taught us how to not only convert a normal house into a spooky house but it also taught us how to use new tools. One of the tools was the ability to make fog and rain.
SURREALISM PROJECT - The surrealism project taught me how to see the world through more perceptive eyes. Also I was able to use the techniques we had learned in photoshop so far to make this.
PICTURE TO PAINTING - This project's purpose is to show that photoshop could be used to make pictures look as if they were a painting. This project took precision to be able to make everything look correct.
VECTOR REPRODUCTION - This project was practice for other Adobe Illustrator projects so we learned how to copy the letters as well as be able to make curves. Also we learned out how to delete the inside of letters which proved to be very useful in future projects.

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