Whitkirk News! 16th October 2020

A message from Mrs Stout

We are looking to move to all parents and carers wearing face coverings whilst on school premises - because of the close proximity of many adults in our playground area. We appreciate that some members of our community will be exempt from wearing face coverings and this is supported by school. This is done for everyone's safety and we hope you understand our reasons, given the recent rise in COVID cases in Leeds, for making this decision.

We do continue to forge forwards with our learning and achievements whilst in school. We are hoping to trial a whole school TEAMS celebration assembly at some stage soon so each child can see others in school receiving their outstanding reader, highest DOJO points (and prize!) and Star of the Week award. It would be so special to be able to share this across school and celebrate such brilliant achievements from all year groups. In the same vein, we have had our Harvest celebration virtually this week to celebrate autumn. Our children's creativity never ceases to amaze and inspire me! Well done to you all.

Meanwhile can I remind everyone that next Friday 23rd October is a training day and so children will attend on Thursday 22nd and then break up for a week, returning for the second half of our term on Monday 2nd November. I hope you all have a great, safe and fun filled weekend and we will see you on Monday. Take care!

Happy Halloween!

Neurodiversity Virtual Coffee Morning

Harvest Festival

We may have been unable to celebrate Harvest Festival at St. Mary's Church as we would typically do each year but our fantastic pupils and staff members have not let this event go amiss. Thank you for all of your generous donations. Please visit our Facebook Page to view our videos.

Class highlights from the week!


Our Reception pupils are flying with their learning. In Maths, they have been learning about repeated patterns and learning new sounds in Read, Write, Inc sessions. However, I think week, our favourite challenge has got to have been making perfume- we had a beautiful smelling classroom! Pupils were able to use the vocabulary "First, next and then" before describing what their perfume smelt like- one response was "mint strawberries".

Year 1

We have had an exciting week this week in year 1! We have been on an Autumn walk around the playground where we searched for all things that remind us of Autumn. We found yellow and brown leaves, berries and conker shells, then we sang Conkers for our virtual Harvest Festival. In English, we have been naming and ordering the letters of the alphabet. We have then used these in our writing when starting sentences and writing names.

Year 1/2

This week as scientists, Year 1/2 used the story 'The Oak Tree' to find out about different habitats and how animals are suited to survive there. We discovered that in an Oak Tree alone, there are lots of animals that live there! We found that foxes, rabbits, insects, birds and squirrels (to name a few) choose to live in an Oak Tree as it provides them with what they need to survive (shelter, warmth, protection and food). The children used this understanding to sort animals into the habitats of an Oak Tree and a pond, then explain why those animals were suited to that habitat. The children were incredibly insightful about why the animals live there, and even used their prior knowledge about fish and their body parts to explain why they were suited for the pond! We can't wait to use our knowledge to find out about food chains in our habitats next lesson!

Year 2

Year 2 pupils have had a very busy week! We have been building mini versions of parks out of junk modelling as the adventurer Steve Backshall asked us to. This week, we added physical features and began decorating our parks to make them look inviting. We have also enjoyed an autumn hunt in search for conkers! We didn't find many but we did enjoy collecting autumnal objects. We discussed if the objects were living, non-living or have never lived first and then we used the leaves, sticks, berries, acorns and many more to make natural art for all to see. I wonder if anyone has spotted them on the playground!

Year 3

In Year 3 this week, we have been so busy learning all about muscles in our body! We tried a range of different exercises to explore which muscles in our body move at different times. We even saw ligaments moving in a chicken leg! Spelling has also been a huge focus for us this week, we have had some spelling superstars! We are really enjoying our RWI spelling in Year 3!

Year 4

This week Year 4 have continued reading our class text, the Demon Dentist. We have been using the story as a stimulus to write explanations on How to extract a tooth. However, our challenge has been to come up with the most creative and imaginative way for a dentist to pull out a tooth. The children have amazed us with their imaginations! We've had explanations that involve unicorns, space rockets and even Father Christmas' sleigh!!! A very imaginative week Year 4, well done!

Year 5

Cabbages and greens! Year 5 pupils are enjoying the Harvest festivities way too much. We spent the beginning of the week learning about how Harvest Festival is celebrated all over the world and had a mighty feast which was delicious! Everyone loved the experience and we shared our acrostic poems which we created as part of our home learning. Our wonderful teacher Mrs Coggan has also challenged all the children to design a pumpkin. The winning design will then be carved onto a real pumpkin ready to take home for Halloween! It doesn’t stop there though! October is also Black History Month we have taken this fantastic opportunity to value the inspirational individuals such as Martin Luther King in our writing. We are looking forward to writing our very own ‘I have a dream’ speech which will be all about our wish for the future! We are loving the energy and enthusiasm in Year 5-keep this up!

Year 6

This week Year 6 have continued to focus on their Design and Technology topic: Come Dine With Me. We have been tasting a weird and wonderful array of foods and then describing them according to taste, texture, scent and overall enjoyment. We certainly had some interesting reactions to the different foods! Tuna was a particularly controversial talking point! Following this, we worked in teams (focusing on our values of friendship and achievement in particular) to research recipes that we could cook. Again, we had a myriad of weird and wonderful ideas for our pepper based starter, our cheese or tuna main course and our pineapple dessert. It's been lovely to hear that the Year 6s have been going home and expressing how excited they are to do some cooking and some have even found more recipe options outside of school! We're sure you are waiting in anticipation to see what we create in the coming weeks!

Star of the week!

Reception New Starters 2021

It is always a pleasure to show families around our wonderful school. We have put procedures in place to ensure that even during current circumstances, we are able to offer tours safely.

Follow to link to our school prospectus to find out more: https://www.whitkirk.org/about-us/prospectus/

We hope you all have a super weekend- stay safe everybody and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!

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