Top Ten Cities to Visit in America where i want to go!

#10 Denver, Colorado

Denver is obviously the place for skiing but there is stuff for you to do all year round. And if you don't like skiing than you can do some of the stuff like visit the Denver zoo and the Coors Brewery Tour, or there are you could always do snow activity like skating or skiing.

#9 Anchorage, Alaska

There are many things for the family to do. visit the country’s largest indoor waterpark or even dig for dinosaur bones, fairs and festivals are always fun too. Stay at a bed and breakfast at a hotel for under $100 a night.

#8 Hershey, Pennsylvania

I love chocolate. I would want to go to Hershey, Pennsylvanian because they are famous for Hershey park and chocolate wall. I would want to go there with my dad because he and i love chocolate.

#7 San Antonio, Texas
  1. I would want to go to San Antonio, Texas because they have six flags up there and a zoo. My family likes to go on rides. i would definitely go to six flags.
#6 New Orleans, Louisianna

I would like to go to New Orleans, Louisianna because you can shop and golf in the day. My dad and i would love to go there to golf and i would shop. We would also go to the all year festivals.

#5 New York City

i would like to go to New York and i would not at the same time. I would like to go to New York because it would be nice to see every thing up in the Big Apple. I would also not want to go because it would be way too many people.

#4 Las Vegas, Nevada

I would like to go to Las Vegas, Nevada because they have lots of good food and many things to do. My dad and my grandpa would probably like to go because Las Vegas is a place for gambling.

#3 Los Angeles, California

I would like to go to Las Angeles, California because there are many things to see and many places to go. I would want to see the Walk-Of-Fame. Many famous people are there too.

#2 Orlando, Florida

I would want to go to Orlando because there are many Disney themed parks. They have a sea world up there and i would like to see all the animals they have.

#1 Honolulu, Hawaii

I would like to go to Honolulu, Hawaii to see the sandy beach and to go see the beautiful waves. I would also like to see Manoa Falls or hike Diamond Head.

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