My Personal Narrative. By: EmMa schaeffer

My Name is Emma Isabelle Florence Schaeffer. I Live in Oregon Wisconsin. I live with my Wonderful family, my Mom, Dad, Brother, And dog! I was adopted into my family. When I was born I was placed for adoption. I was put into a Foster care home for a short while until my family met me. They told me that when they got the call about me my mom had just a little pitter in her heart knowing that they had to meet me. After that they adopted me. I am 13 now my birthday is in the summer. For my birthday we go to New Jersey and see my dad's side out there. Half of my family lives in Pennsylvania (my Dad's side) and half lives here in Wisconsin (Moms side).

I enjoy the summer the most out of anytime of the year. Not just because it's my birthday time but it's because I get to enjoy the outside activities. I’m very active I like to do many sports. Soccer and softball are my favorites in the summer. I also do basketball and some just for fun volleyball. I also play Violin for school. Outside of school I play Piano and take singing lessons. I love music as you can tell, Music is a huge part of my life also. It always has been and always be. Music is a way that I can calm myself or cry to or listen to, to make me happy. Its overall something that I love!

My family loves to travel. We would much rather spend money on traveling than buying a big house. This summer 2016 we traveled to Europe. We went to many beautiful places and I loved them all. We went to London two places in Germany, Luxembourg and Dublin. We tasted many new foods and experiences many new ways of life. And as I said we also travel to Pennsylvania to visit my dad's side in winter and new jersey to see them again in the summer for my birthday. And every year it's always a blast traveling there staying there and traveling back.

In conclusion I'm a girl that is very busy in a good way! I’m very thankful for all that I do. Im blest for having my family. And i'm so glad that all of these things are apart of my life.

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