RECONCILE A Journal of App Development

The Introductory Narrative

For Catholics, the Sacrament of Confession can be extremely intimidating. One-on-one and face-to-face with the priest and spilling the deepest and darkest dirt about yourself. However, the graces received in this sacrament outweigh the fear. In an effort to ease the fear and intimidation most experience in this sacrament, RECONCILE offers users a way into a deeper relationship with the sacrament and, to an even greater extent, Jesus Christ.

RECONCILE, a task-driven app, offers a number of unique features including opportunities to establish an accountability network, a space for journaling, an in-depth walk through of the sacrament, a number of different examinations of conscience and daily examens, and a calendar to keep track of your visits to the confessional.

Developed specifically for high school and college aged young people, this app is an essential tool for any Catholic who hasn't been to confession in awhile, any Catholic who wants to get in the habit of going more often, or any Catholic who just wants to get a little more out of it.

Meant for use especially as someone is preparing to enter the sacrament, the app's use can stretch beyond this as well. Offering an opportunity to do a Daily Examen at the end of each day, use of the app can be a daily thing. These reflections, if used daily, can help make the process and experience of Reconciliation more meaningful.

While there are some Confession apps that already exist (ReconciliatioApp, iConfess, ConfesGuide, etc.), this one breaks the boundaries by being a truly comprehensive one-stop-shop for everything necessary to get the most out of the Sacrament of Confession.

Beyond the features mentioned above, RECONCILE will offer a few other special features. First off is a "Confession Mode." While in "Confession Mode," all notifications on your phone will be blocked to limit distraction while preparing for and participating in the sacrament. "Confession Mode" also takes users step-by-step through the sacrament as it happens. In addition, there will be an ever-present button to press if the user feels he or she is about to fall into sin. This will alert their accountability buddies so they can pray for the user. The app will be password protected for a privacy measure.

As for app content, the majority of the app will be text based. Accent images will be pulled from royalty and copyright free photo sharing databases. I will develop a series of icons to highlight the various sections of the app.

This app should have a more serious tone and be efficiency-driven while allowing people time to slow down and reflect. It will be visually clean and simple, allowing easy understanding of the navigation of the app.

The Design Process

Simple. Straightforward. Clean.

This mood board details some of the general looks the app will have. It will be more of a flat design for a simple yet classy look. The main color theme includes purples and greys, colors often associated with Reconciliation. The typesetting is a modern sans serif. Images will be treated in a purple duotone and only be used sparingly as highlight images.

This app flow map shows how the app will be navigated. With input from my focus group, this is where it has been settled. See other iterations below.
Here are a few first drafts of some wireframes for the app.

I then started developing these wireframes in AdobeXD.

It was also at this point that I began to finalize the style tile and final icons for use in the application.

The next step was to drop in the assets and build out the app prototype

Here is a final walk-through of the app: