MAC News Term 2 Week 5

Principal's Message

On Monday this week we had our College Photo Day. It was wonderful to see all the students looking so smart and polished in their uniforms as they smiled for the camera. Next term, the photo packages will arrive at the College and will then be sent home to parents and caregivers, each image showing our students another year older and a little (or a lot!) taller than the year before.

While photographs can be used to show our students' identity from a physical point of view, there is an identity that our College is endeavoring to build into each and every one of our students, day by day as they go through their schooling years at MAC. It is an identity that says:

You are treasured. (Deuteronomy 7:6 14:2, 26:18)

You are irreplaceable. (1 Thessalonians 1:4)

You are precious to God. (Isaiah 43:4)

You have a hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

As parents and caregivers, I hope you will work alongside the teachers and staff here at the College to help our students build on the truth that they are loved, valued and accepted, and that it is in Him that their true identity can be found.


Anna Calandra,


What's On @ MAC

MAC Has Talent!

MAC Has Talent will be one of the College's major fundraising event for 2019, to be held on Saturday 29th June 2019. Not only will you be delightfully entertained with the amazing talent we have at Macarthur but you will also partake in a wonderful 3 course meal as well as have the opportunity to vote for the talent presented throughout the night.

Judges will include our GSC president Ps Terry Johnson, our Education Director Dr Jean Carter as well as two well known celebrities who have performed on stage including Ricky Nifo, who was on The Voice last year and Miss Pia Andersen (a singer who also created the “Vintage Allsorts” which is a performance based events, entertainment and styling agency).

Parents and caregivers, without your support we will not be able to raise much needed funds for our students. Even if your child is not in their senior years yet, they will be one day and I’m sure you would appreciate the support when they are heading on their mission trip. Please support our students to get there this year.

In additional to the great entertainment, we plan to have numerous auctions on the night, some silent, some not so silent, which will include special gift baskets, vouchers and signed footy jerseys, just to name a few.

Please see below for more details:

Pupil Free Day / Queen's Birthday Long Weekend

Parents and Caregivers please note that as listed above, Friday 7th June will be a Pupil Free Day. There will be no supervision of students on this day. Also, the following Monday 10th June will be the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday, so there will be no school on this day either.

Re-enrollment Forms

All of our College families will receive their re-enrollment forms in the mail in the next few weeks. The purpose of re-enrollment forms is so that the College can be informed as to how many of our current students will be returning in 2020 and also so that we can allocate spaces for those students currently on our waiting list.

The College has experienced a surge in enrollments over the past 6 months and there is currently still a high demand for places at MAC for 2020, especially in Kindergarten and Year 7. As such, we ask that all families be diligent in returning their re-enrollment forms to the Office as soon as possible.

School Carpark Reminder

A left turn only sign has recently been placed at the gate exiting the College car park. When exiting the car park of an afternoon, parents need to turn left only between the times listed for the safety of the students, parents, staff, and visitors.

Sorry Day 2019

Canned Food Drive

The College is currently collecting canned and non-perishable foods to donate to ADRA to help feed needy families in our area. Food can be given to the College office until the end of next week with the last day for donation being Friday 7th June.

Primary News and Reminders

Premier’s Reading Challenge

For those of you involved in the Premier’s Reading Challenge, keep that momentum going! The challenge ends on 30th August so keep reading those beautiful books! Here are some tips for parents:

  • Assist your child to borrow books from the school or local library.
  • Help your child to add books to her/his Student Reading Record regularly.

Thank you to all the families who are supporting their children with the challenge!


As a Primary school, we take pride in our appearance and correct uniform is of the utmost importance. Please be aware that your child/ren must wear their correct school uniform at all times. If for some reason your child is not in correct uniform a note must be sent to school indicating the reason. Students without a note will have communication sent home and further consequences can be expected.

Kind Regards,

Fiona Vili

Primary AusKick Program

Every Tuesday afternoon, from 14th May to the 4th of June, students from Kindergarten to Year 6 have been participating in an after school program with AusKick. They have been learning the fundamental skills of AFL in different games, drills and activities led by AusKick.

Students have thoroughly enjoyed it, and so have parents participating in different games with their children.

It has been a great opportunity to learn, play and have fun.

“I love the running and snatch games. It’s fun!” – Marcellus (KDD)

“It’s fun! Everyone should do it because you will love it.” – Jordan (2MG)

“It makes you active and can prepare you for different sports like the Cross-Country. It is so much fun!” – Giaah (3/4CG)

“The games are really fun. You will have a great time there and you can bring sibling and parents along.” – Aaliyah (5JM)

Talyse Stanton

Primary Sports Coordinator

Secondary News and Reminders

Does art see a place in the new industry 4.0 revolution we are going through? Rapid advances in industrialisation and informatisation methods have spurred tremendous progress in developing the next generation of manufacturing technology. Today, we are on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In what way does art have a place in the industry? This is a difficult question that doesn't come with a simple answer, but one thing is for sure and that it does.

Miss Fernandez took an astonishing lesson with the Year 12 Biology class that explored the idea that the spread of pathogens could be represented visually. Students weren't told exactly what or why they were doing what they were doing with paint, a canvas and a drinking straw but just told how. Their thinking manifested out loud with some students muttering "what does this image have to do with Biology?" Miss Fernandez need not say any more as the students were left to explore how blowing paint across a canvas both looked while being created and then afterward the resulting image.

The industrial revolution 4.0 will need creative thinkers that can visualise abstract and microscopic details, much like the exploration of pathogens with paint.


Miss Fernandez.

Volunteering at the Sydney Morning Herald Half-Marathon

It was an early start for our Year 11 and 12 volunteers. Told to meet at the school at 4 am to be ready to leave soon after. Without fuss, our service-minded students were all ready and waiting. After a small amount of stress with where to park and where our drink station was, we had made it. Mick our man already there, told us we were going to be met with about 15000 runners. We got to work. It was about 2 hours of set up before the first runner came through and our team was pumped! All of our team felt very motivated to cheer the runners on. So they cheered... and cheered and kept cheering until the last runner passed! Our energy and ability to deliver to water in time for all the runners made the organisational team very proud. No student expected any thanks or did it for any glory, but still put in 100% for the glory of our God. Thanks, team!


Doug Simpson

Wests Tigers Career Assembly and Incentive Program

Tuesday 21/5 year 10 & 11 students attended a careers assembly organised by the Wests Tigers. The Wests Tigers are working closely with our school this year offering support in providing knowledge and understanding around choosing career paths and looking at different choices each student has for their future.

Wests Tigers are also providing support for 65 selected high school students who need assistance within the school environment. These students have been given a goal to reach by the end of week 9. If any of the students are successfully in achieving their goal then they will be playing a Touch match against some Wests Tigers current players in week 10 at our school. Please encourage the students as they work towards their goals and in doing so reap the benefits both academically and personally.


Chantelle Manoe


From 2020, all Year 12 students in NSW must reach the minimum standard of numeracy and literacy to receive an HSC. People need reading, writing and maths skills to be successful in everyday life after school. That’s why students are required to show a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy to receive the Higher School Certificate (HSC) from 2020. (Note this does not affect the 2019 HSC cohort)

To check students have the basics right, they need to sit short online tests of reading, writing and maths for everyday life. They get two chances a year to pass each of the tests from Yr 10 until a few years after the HSC. Each School schedules these tests and information is provided to parents prior to the testing window. If students pass the online tests of basic reading, writing and numeracy skills they will show they have met the HSC minimum standard.

HSC IN 2020

Students need to meet the HSC minimum standard to receive the HSC. To show you meet the standard, students need to:

  • Pass the online reading test or have achieved Band 8 or above in reading in Year 9 NAPLAN in 2017 and
  • Pass the online writing test or have achieved Band 8 or above in writing in Year 9 NAPLAN in 2017 and
  • Pass the online numeracy test or have achieved Band 8 or above in numeracy in Year 9 NAPLAN in 2017.

STUDENTS COMPLETING THE HSC IN 2021 OR LATER Need to meet the HSC minimum standard to receive the HSC. To show you meet the standard you need to:

  • Pass the online reading test and
  • Pass the online writing test and
  • Pass the online numeracy test.

On Thursday 6th of June students in Year 10 will do practice tests for each of HSC minimum standards, Numeracy, Writing and Reading. These tests are done online and will allow the students to experience the format of the tests.

Below is a link to the information provided by NESA about the minimum standard test.


Students will then sit the test on 13 June (period 2&3) and 14 June (period 1).

If you have any queries, please contact Mrs Kumar (Director of Studies) on the school number, 9605 3200.

University Open Day Info for Year 12 Students


Year 12 students from MAC will be travelling up to Avondale and staying there from Monday - Wednesday 3rd – 5th June 2019 to participate in Futures Day.

Year 10 Synergy People Workshop

Year 10 were privileged to experience extra support and information in resume writing, interview techniques and skills through Angela and Greg from Synergy People (located in Ingleburn). Students explored how to write an effective resume, practiced interview techniques and learnt about how to effectively engage with members of the workforce.

Two students from year 10, Vasi and Monique were given an extra bonus for their contribution throughout the workshops. They received the opportunity to spend a day with Angela at Synergy People to gain further experience.

We really appreciate the time that was given to help educate and further our student’s skill set just in time for their work experience week.

Chantelle Manoe

Chaplaincy News

Office / Accounts Reminders

Missing Uniform Pieces

Sometimes in the course of a busy school day, students (especially Primary) can take home the wrong hat, jacket or bag by mistake. At the moment we have quite a number of students missing uniform items, so we ask if all parents can please do a quick check at home to make sure that their child has not taken the wrong uniform item home by mistake.

Kiss and Drop Zone

A reminder to parents to please ensure that the Kiss and Drop Zone is strictly for pick ups and drop offs and is not a place to park if you need to come into the College grounds. At the moment we still have parents parking in the Kiss and Drop Zone of an afternoon and then walking into the College to collect their children, which slows the pickup process down considerably. Your co-operation in this area would be appreciated.

Home & School News

Silent Auction 2019

MAC Home and School are proud to announce our Silent Auction for 2019.

We have had some amazing items donated from local business’.

It will be hosted in conjunction with “MAC has Talent.” Winning bids will be announced on the night. (You do not need to be there to win, you just need to have the highest bid!)

All families are encouraged to place bids, even if you will not be attending on the night. Bidding will open Monday 24th June. Bid sheets will be available in the office, and Home and School representatives will have an open bidding table at school pick up some afternoons that week. Come see all the wonderful items we have up for auction and please bid on as many items as you can, remembering all proceeds go toward supporting your school and its students.

Every dollar counts!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the items on offer:

- Item #110: $50 Coles voucher

- Item #111-112: 2X Aim for fun - Archery voucher - Olympic Park

- Item #113: $100 Food Voucher - Ingleburn RSL

- Item #114: Large window mirror - House II Home

- Item #115: $40 Food voucher - Bar Centrale

- Item #116: Family Movie pass - Event Cinema

- Item #117: High Tea for two - Rydges Campbelltown

- Item #118: Hamper - Cincotta Chemist Mac Fields

- Item #119: $50 K-Mart voucher

- Item #120-121: 2X $50 Food voucher - Teo’s

- Item #122-123: 2X Aquatic Centre Family pass - Olympic Park

- Item #124: Hamper - Freedom Hair Artistry

- Item #125: Accommodation Voucher for two- Cockatoo Island

- Item #126a: Tickets to various sporting events

- Item #127: Tickets to opening Gala night: Wharf Revue - Sydney Theatre Co

- Item #128: Hamper - Minto Fruit Market

- Item #129-131: Various Bunnings Vouchers: $50; $50; $100

- Item #132: Hamper - Freedom Hair Artistry

Cheree Vermeulen

MAC Home and School

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