Digital Museum of Hispanic Culture A Digital Humanities project by SPAN 304/305 students at Liberty University


Categorized by themes and topics, some exhibits may appear in more than one section.

People groups of Latin America

These exhibitions showcase not only the major pre-Columbian civilizations (Aztec, Maya, Inca), but also other indigenous people groups and their ways of life.

The Art of the Olmec Colossal Heads | The History of the Olmec Colossal Heads | The Wari People: The Art and Architecture | Potatoes of the Incan Empire | The Mayan Ruins of Copán, Honduras | The Lost City of Machu Picchu | Chichén Itzá | The Quetzal

Tourism and Tourist Attractions

These exhibitions will help you fill out your "must-do" list for when you visit the region.

El Morro Fort in Puerto Rico | The Middle of the World | The National Hotel of Cuba l The Galápagos Islands | Tlaxcala, México | The Panamá Canal | Los Glaciares National Park

Music and Dance

These exhibitions will give you a quick feel for some of the rich musical and dance culture of Latin America.

The Origin of Salsa Music | Bomba Music | Merengue Music

Religion in Latin America

These exhibitions offer a glimpse into religious life and devotion in Latin America.

Holy Week in Brazil | Holy Week in Antigua, Guatemala | Traditional Medicine in Latin America

Legends and Mythologies of Latin America

From horror stories to romances, the region is rich with narratives that give us insight into the beliefs and superstitions that people hold.

The Legend of The Weeping Woman | The Tragic Legend of Popo and Izta | The Ciguapa

Holidays and Celebrations

These occasions of food, festivities, and tradition put the full beauty of these cultures on display.

Day of the Dead (1) l Day of the Dead (2)Three Kings Day | Quinceañera Parties


Your mouth will water and your sweet tooth tingle when you see all the delectables the region has to offer.

Tres Leches Cake | Potatoes of the Incan Empire | Yerba Mate | Empanadas | Touring Ecuadorian Cuisine


Glimpse the beauty and grandeur of these impressive structures.

El Morro Fort in Puerto Rico | The Wari People: Art and Architecture | The Metropolitan Cathedral | The Panamá Canal


Dive into the legacy of Latin American art, from murals to religious devotional paintings, and more.

Diego Rivera: The Historical Muralist | The Mayan Ruins of Copán |

Themes and Issues of Latin American Society

Rental Houses: The New Cuba | Classic Cars in Cuba



As the final project for SPAN 304 (Culture and Civilization of Latin America) and SPAN 305 (Culture and Civilization of Spain), students create digital museum "exhibits" about key aspects of Hispanic culture. While the museum is dedicated to Hispanic culture, the diversity of Latin America demands the inclusion of countries like Brazil and Haiti, for example, which are not considered "Hispanic" cultures.


This project has been made possible by an Illuminate grant, sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence at Liberty University.

Department of Modern Languages | Center for Teaching Excellence


"Sueño de una tarde dominical en la alameda central" by Diego Rivera- Merengue Stamp by Rafael López "El camino de la bomba" by Migdalia Bahamundi - Created with images by Ricardo's Photography (Thanks to all the fans!!!) - "Puerto Rico(Viejo San Juan)" • amslerPIX - "untitled image"