Cause and Effect Exploration By: Bryant Daniels


How did Europeans wanting resources cause exploration?

Europe wanted resources but they had to find another way to get to the resources because the silk road has been taken over by others so they wanted to go around the world a different way to get the resources.

How did technology cause exploration?

The ships helped exploration because in increased time to get to different sea missions so the Spanish and Portuguese but when a smaller ship that others had a sail that can run with the ships to speed them up. The chip was called the Caravel. Later on they found out about the pirates and got a piece of technology called a cannon to keep pirates away.


Slave trade

There was negative effect in slave trade because there will be more war and selling them. The population goes down and they would sell themselves to pay off debt or so support their family. 12 million Africans were forced into European slave ships and taken across the Atlantic.

How did Religion spread throughout the East world?

The explorers took advantage of the other people and gain there trust they realized they could spread their religion of Christianity through the world. It was up for the crusades to spread the religion. The places where they were introduced the religion where forced into it but after all still today they are still that religion.

How did technology cause exploration?

First the sailing ships and then navigation. The ships the people had cannons compasses. All the people wanted fame. Now ships have those things now.

How did diseases Spread?

There was a chemical warfare that made it the plague spread more. Before that there was a lot of traveling and they did not know what was there so they looked there and then they go back and spread whatever disease they have.

Created By
Bryant Daniels


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