The End of the Photoshop Journey... By Sabrina Motto.

This was the first thing that I ever did using the program Photoshop. At the time, I wasn't that very skilled with photo shopping. I tried my best on this picture even though, it's not a masterpiece like the other works I've done.
My skills were still in the beginner zone. What I did here was to make sea monsters out of a bear and a giraffe. The kids are now scared that they found these sea monsters.
I made this for my English project. I consider it as my personal work. It's a fan made movie poster for the Shakespeare story, Merchant of Venice. For this picture, I used another program mostly but I also used Photoshop to crop out some of the people.
I was supposed to crop out the crab. I put the crab in a Sponge bob picture because in the show there's a character who's a crab.
I made this book cover for a story that a I wrote. That's the main protagonist and she can control fire. I made the background seem almost like if it was the apocalypse happening. Just making this took about three hours because I wanted it to be perfect.
This is the banner for my story. I put the quote that starts the story in it. A sword is behind the title because the main character uses a sword. The fire sparks represents the character who can control fire. The roses has a big connection to the character. So, I made the banner represent the main character.
This was another book cover that I did for my most famous story. I sort of messed up when I was cropping out the guy to put him in the black ground. Plus, the picture with the male already came colored like that. Yet, people still loved the cover.
I did this for another story of mine. I cropped out the male badly but it still looks good in my opinion. I just made sure that my readers would see his angelic wings.
This cover was for one of my stories, but I didn't use it. I didn't like it very much, but I still think it's a masterpiece.
The night before I did this, I saw King Kong. So, I created the famous scene of the movie where planes are attacking King Kong. In the picture, it's fourth of July, so the attack of King Kong is happening in the fourth of July.
The original picture was actually the face of the man. He had wrinkled skin. So, what I did was that I made his skin smooth to make him look a little younger. After that, I placed his face in this picture that advertised a cream that makes people look younger.
In the original picture, the van was white. I colored it blue because it's my favorite color. Then I made it into a taco truck because I think tacos are very delicious. Not only that, I was listening to Kayne West's album when I made this, The Life of Pablo.
For this picture, the grass was separate from the dog. So, I made the grass as the background and stretched out the dog. I made it seem like if the dog was celebrating his birthday.
This is an x-men comic book that I colored in. I tried to colored it just like the original one. It was very simple to color in too.
I made this haunted house for Halloween. I got a separate picture for the night sky.
I did this picture to show surrealism. The meaning of this picture is that the dragons burned her home and her truck. The two roses at the bottom mean that there is good and bad.
This picture is watercolored. I liked because of the scenery, I thought it was cool. I love cherry blossom trees.
I believe this has to be one of my most favorite works that I've done. Not only because I love dogs, but because I have a yellow labrador.
This is my most recent and difficult work that I've done. I thought this is a masterpiece because it looks exactly like the original one. This cartoon is from the PowerPuff Girls.

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