Pay to Play: A Case For Playing College Athletes By Corban Crosley

College students are usually under a great amount of stress. It begins with the students moving away from home and living away from their family, and increases when the massive course load of college hits them like a truck. This is all without the excess stress that comes with playing a Division I sport.
The massive time commitment that comes with playing a Division I sport is phenomenal. The athletes spend countless hours during the week on the field or court, traveling to games, and in the weight room. This makes it practically impossible to have any sort of job.
These student-athelets know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that their struggles, financial, physical, or emotional, will one day come to an end at graduation. If the NCAA implemented some kind of weekly or monthly "allowance" so these student athletes could purchase gas, food, or other necessities, it would greatly reduce some of the stress that already comes with being a typical college student.
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Corban Crosley


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