Aariella Stone is about to start a new exciting life at university with friends when a different kind of adventure finds her first. After an unfortunate incident, Aarie is thrown into unfamiliar surroundings where things take a turn for the weird and wonderful.

A heart-warming tale of forbidden love, myths and magic.


A Fantasy Romance Novel

"This is a book for anyone who enjoys a romance novel with a hint of the unexpected. Whether you are in your mid-teens or, like me, an adult who is young at heart, this book will have you eagerly turning pages to find out what happens next."


From a very young age, the stories I loved the most were the kind filled with wonderful, unknown possibilities and, of course, magic! To let one's imagination explore new worlds with the limitlessness of dreams is the gift of a good tale. As a child, I jotted down many of my own experiences in the form of short stories and took mental notes of interesting dreams. But over time, I forgot or discarded most of them. I left tales untold. After all, I never really thought of myself as a "proper" storyteller. Who was I to write anything down for real?

Nevertheless, I did have at least one story that desperately and relentlessly wanted to be told: this one. The desire to write this story overwhelmed me. So too did the requirements of writing a fantasy romance novel: the extensive effort, time, research, emotional highs and lows, doubts and major anxieties about sharing my own words with strangers. Yet somehow, here it is. Perfect or not, my novel made it to paper! Writing it felt like a way to give something back for all the times that a story touched my heart or pleasantly lingered in my mind days after reading it. I hope this tale brings you the same joy reading it as it did for me writing it. May you fall in love with the world of Aneiros and its characters as much as I did. Love Dalia

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