Me and my Family are really alike lemur's, we are all crazy and especially my mom and I. We are all really different but the same at the same time. They are also my favorite animals. There are only one place in the world they are and that is Madagascar, and we are in Grand Bend Ontario.

WAR goes strong threw are family. We have my great grandpa who went to war and survived, after the WAR he was awarded some metals and he later died of cancer before my mom was born. It is awesome place to live in because other people go threw a whole lot more.
My family and I grew up fishing. We go up to my cousins cottage every year, and fish for hours, getting up very arly in the morning and fishing. It is mostly my papa John I am named after him for a reason.
Me and my family aren't the bully's we are the people who stop bullying. We stick up for people and it goes threw are family. One of my parents got bullied as a kid and went to another school and they resolved the problem. She ended up growing up to be a great and loving person.
I love hockey so much and so do my siblings. This is my favorite team and my favorite player. Hockey runs threw are family and I met some of my best friends in hockey. I play for the Zurich Thunder. Im playing or watching hockey 24/7 and just altogether love hockey. I have improved so much over the years and people see it. Hockey is a big part of my life.

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