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Teresia and her alter ego, Graciously Morbid, have graced the Fleeting Glimpse Studios on more than one occasion. Channeling belly dancers, steampunk warriors, sword-wielding barbarians and others is one of her specialities.

A brief selection of what has gone before in my collaboration with Teresia
Teresia had some new concepts

One night, in January, via Facebook Messages, Teresia broke the ice, offering me early crack at this year's crop of concepts. Needless, to say, I was intrigued. She specializes in Cosplay and brings killer costumes and props to the game. I waited, breathless , as she gently fed me the tantalizing list of future photography sessions. The choices were overwhelming but eventually I chose my allotted two concepts:

from the movie Sucker Punch

Baby Doll

and from the Batman universe

Harley Quinn

I was stoked. It isn't often you are handed two primo concepts from the same great model. We began a correspondence in earnest to coordinate the session so that we would both get exactly what we desired.

Wide-angle behind-the-scenes shoot of the studio

Action requires space. In Minnesota, in January, space is tight because you are indoors. Though we headquartered at my Apple Valley studio, an ambitious set of poses and long swinging props, it is tough to keep from drifting off the black seamless!

The session used a Canon 5D MK II coupled to a 24-105 F4L. We lit the set with a quartet of Einstein 640 strobes with a variety of grids, soft boxes and bare bulbs in various combinations. The session was backed up by white and black seamless.

Including makeup and wardrobe changes, the session lasted nearly three and one half hours.

proof of concept
The original capture (left) show the studio ceiling which was mitigated in software. The image in the right shows the finished product — full concept with retouching.
Teresa's selections
From the Baby Doll session.
From the Harley Quinn session.
btw —who's this guy?
Supporting Actor

Teresa's husband John accompanied her and made himself into a supporting cast for her performances. He even did his own joker makeup!

Rikk's signature shot of the session
Baby Doll
The progression showing : capture, retouch and finishing effects.
in retrospect

The session went well. At times I lamented the lack of space as I couldn't play the two models against one another easily but it ended up being a small matter. Teresia's attention to detail on her character's costume, props and her deft dual roll as makeup artist made these series so much more authentic and fun. She really brought the attitude and that sells the final images.

I hope to be on the short list when the next round of concepts surfaces
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