Religious Travels by: ryan sarey

Monday, December 19th - Today I went to a Hindu temple. It was named Markandey Mahadev temple. It had red pillar type things on the roof. The actual temple was very big it was shaped like a cone. The temple is less than 2000 feet from one of the most sacred Hindu site. The Ganges river is one of the most sacred places in Hinduism it was incredible. People would just flood into the water. They believed it had a spiritual connection to their gods.

Ganges river and Hindu temple

Tuesday, December 20th - Today I traveled to Southeast Asia to witness the religion of Buddhism. They believe in The Four Noble Truths of Buddha's teachings, They are the truth of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering, and the truth that leads to the end of suffering. Their newer temples have beautiful colors and statues. I also visited a truly sacred place known as Borobudur. It contained 72 statues of Buddha

Temple (top left) and Buddha (right)

Wednesday, December 21st - Today I visited one of the most well known places of the christian religion, Vatican city. In Italy, This is where the sistine chapel is, Michelangelo's famous painting, and St. Peters Basilica. It has many pillars and a dome on the roof. It somewhat resembles the U.S. capital building. The Vatican is a very sacred place for christians. The pope governs there and it is the burial site for past popes.

The Vatican

Thursday, December 22nd - Today I traveled to the sacred city of Jerusalem, Israel. I was driven to a the third holiest site in all of islam. It was named the Al-Aqsa Mosque. I was lucky enough to be let inside. before I entered i could see a dome on top of the building. Inside there was seven aisles and pillars separating each one. outside there is a fountain that people use for ritual washings.

Al-Aqsa mosque and Muslim praying style

Friday, December 23rd - I stayed in jerusalem to visit the western wall. It is one of the standing most sacred place for judaism. Many people come here to pray and witness the heart of the jewish religion. The wall is the only standing relic from when the romans attacked in 70 AD. People will write down their prayers and stick them in the cracks of the wall then they will place their forehead on the wall and pray.

The Western Wall


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