Identity of a Growing Nation By Sienna colorado

The Identity of a Growing Nation

By Sienna Colorado

In the early 1800, Americans were being to find their nation identity. They were happy that they were independent and started the do art, dancing,writing, and politics. In that time they were all into nationality. They loved their country.

The art in the 1800´s in America where unique to the landscape and heros to the nation. There was 5 main types of artwork. Folk art, Portraits, Hudson River School, John James Audubon, and George Catlin. Folk art was simple, direct and very colorful. Men would carve in weather vanes and hunting decoys. Women sewed spared pits of cloth into the quilts they were making. Portraits should heros and American figures. Hudson River School style would be of the landscape of the Americans. John James Audubon style realistic, detailed paintings or sketches of birds. John James wrote a book on the bird in America, called ¨The Birds of America¨. George Catlin draw the American Indians in their rituals, hunts, and daily life. The way of art in the Americas gave the people away to express their proud feelings for the nation.

The John James was look like this.

The writings of the early 1800 authors were unique to the time. A few of the great writers are Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, Davy Crockett, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Davy Crockett's writings show a sense of the wild in the Great Plains. The Americans were reading his writings of great adventure and the exploring the wild. James Cooper and Henry Longfellow wrote about the Native American culture and the frontier life. The Americans were reading books about the wild, adventure, Native Americans, and folklore.

Another way to express themselves was through music. In the North, people danced to classical music. They danced waltzes, mazurkas, gavottes, and minuets. Women would lift their dresses to show off their footwork. The men considered that very daring. In the South, African slaves sang folk song for themselves or sometime their slave masters. They also combined the songs from white church with African music to make spirituals. In the West and South, square dances were popular. In the dances, a caller yelled the dance steps.

People of the north would dance in ballrooms.

In 1816 James Monroe was elected president. The growing national sprit made the government focus on the national economy. Henry Clay of Kentucky made an American system. It included a bank, establishing tax, and government working on projects. The American style of government was to help the states and improve on the well-being of the nation. " A people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives."- James Madison

One group that thought that this was not the Era of Good Feelings was women because they did not have rights and had no education. The slaves also thought that this was not a good time because they were in bondage. They wanted to be free. Women and slaves didn't like this time for they were lesser than women.

Over all the Era of Good Feelings was a good time for the Americans to blossom and grow. The women and slaves were treated badly and had no education. They country grew but the respect for women and slaves did not increase or help them escape or learn.

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