Anna Garcia Case #4596

Anna Garcia was a 38 year old lady who lived alone with her dog. August 14 Her dog was barking for four hours none stop and her neighbor Doug Greene was suspicious and decided to call 911 so they can check why the dog was barking. They found Anna Garcia dead at 11 am and she had died four hours before they showed up. There was vomit, flipped table blood, wine glass, and pills

The detectives found a footprint at the crime scene and the footprint belonged to Anna Garcia

They saw the wine glass and found some finger prints on it and found out that they belong to Alex Garcia

The hair they found next to her body belonged to Anna

The blood splatter they saw was a spatter at a 90-degree straight down. Drop height was at 74 cm matched height of the table

Conclusion: In the case of Anna Garcia, the death of Anna was natural causes. She didn't feel to well and hit her head on the table that caused internal bruise or a really big concussion. Then she choked on her own vomit

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