Is your office at risk for HIPAA fines and breaches? Take this short quiz and find out.

Here are 6 key questions healthcare providers need to address to safeguard patient information, avoid costly fines, and pass the HIPAA audit:



Has the staff received up-to-date training in HIPAA and the various procedures that must be followed to safeguard Protected Health Information?

Touchstone Compliance offers HIPAA training online.


When the Health and Human Services representative asks to see proof that your staff has been trained in HIPAA, does the office have hard-copy evidence - training logs, certifications, etc. - on hand to show?

With Touchstone you get documented proof of training.


Does the office's Privacy Officer/Security Officer know what a thorough Risk Analysis - a key component for compliance - entails?

Our services provide you with the Risk Analysis HIPAA requires.


Is your Privacy Officer/Security Officer aware of how having a Mitigation Plan in place can save a practice from fines for non-compliance? Has your office developed a Mitigation Plan for dealing with potential risks?

With us you'll receive a customized Mitigation Plan.


Are the Policies and Procedures for safeguarding patient information documented somewhere in your office?

Touchstone provides the templates that serve as a starting point for documenting your HIPAA Policies and Procedures.


Business associates such as labs and tech companies also need to comply with many of the provisions of HIPAA. Does your office have on record documents signed by its business associates verifying that they've taken appropriate steps to comply with HIPAA and pose no threat to the privacy of your office's patient information?

With Touchstone you'll get expert guidance on every aspect of HIPAA, including this one.

Put your HIPAA worries to rest with Touchstone's online tools and services.


"Touchstone's online tools are the easiest way I've seen to get a handle on HIPAA." - David Nelson, former Chief Privacy Officer for San Diego County

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