Florida Museum of Natural History louise ellisen

My first impression photo of Butterfly Garden

Nature on Display: The Butterfly Gardens were particularly intriguing to me. At first when walking in and seeing all the butterflies framed on the wall, that was the only exhibit I expected to see. But, I was unexpectedly surprised when walking into the Gardens and seeing the butterflies alive and in their element. This captured my attention because it allowed for me to be able to interact with nature rather than just viewing a piece of art from afar. From this exhibit I learned the importance of interacting with nature and gaining personal experience. I found that enjoying nature with friends and experiencing it firsthand allowed me to create a broader and clearer perspective. In terms of it affecting my Good Life, the different exhibits displayed a vibrant and hands on experience that pushed me to further understand why nature is so important in my own life.

Still picture of inside the Butterfly Exhibit. If you look closely, you can see butterflies mid-flight in the air.

Nature and Ethics: I understand the concept Leopold presents about interacting with nature. To me, this museum allowed myself to not just be an individual observing nature, but rather gave me the opportunity to fully appreciate it because I became a part of it rather than just observing it. While walking through the museum, I was overwhelmed with the amount of bright colors and different textures that surrounded me. From the bright pink trees above me in the gardens, to the creek flowing through the ground, or the brightly colored butterflies that danced in the air around me, I was exposed to various aspects of nature all at once. It gave me a feeling of extraordinary joy because of all the vibrant colors and beauty that surrounded me. My friend who joined me said she felt a sense of tranquility walking through the museum. She said she felt connected to the world rather than just being a bystander observing what was around her. The Museum allows visitors to connect with nature through various aspects. The butterfly garden, frog exhibit, and microscopes available to look at different bugs all were interactive exhibits that allowed me to connect with nature. After leaving, it gave me a sense of responsibility to connect myself and protect nature more in order to achieve my own Good Life.

This is a wall of Butterflies and different insects. I found this intriguing because it allowed me to study these different creatures

Nature and the Human Spirit: This museum allowed me to step out of my day to day life and connect to a deeper spirit through the various interactive exhibits and emphasis on the simplistic beauty of nature. Most the time, the human life is so consumed with technology, busy schedules, and overwhelming tasks to complete that we often forget to appreciate the simplistic things in life. This exhibit allowed me to take time out of my busy life, to just appreciate the simple details in a butterflies wings, the beauty of trees and vines, and the soft hum of the frogs. My ordinary life was shifted by this experience and gave me time to relax, appreciate in my surroundings, and take in all this joy to better appreciate my Spirit's connection with the world around me. For example, I found my spiritual connection when just looking up at the butterflies above my head, and watching them circle around the exhibit aimlessly. It made me think about how simple beauty really is and how I often times overthink and overanalyze what true beauty really is. This relates to my own journey to the Good Life because it gave me the opportunity to analyze my way of thinking and alter my warped perception to a simpler and purer perception.


All Photos displayed were taken on my own

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