Canbury School Newsletter 10th September 2021. ISSUE 242

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

We have now completed the first week of the new term and we are settling into the new routine. Hopefully, any initial nerves are fading and all students (participating in the programme) have received their two Lateral Flow Tests in school. They will be taking home test kits from Monday.

But this has not just been a week for settling down. Our Sixth Form students have been out and about engaging in new activities and, in some cases, going beyond their comfort zone. Under clear blue skies, they set out for Calshot. Rock climbing was the first order of the day followed by skiing. Of course, getting to the top of the slope on the ski lift had to be mastered as Seb can testify (see his report further on in this newsletter). That evening there was a high-tension session on the laser climb wall - Alex and Matt won although they may have used means not necessarily within the rules of the game! In the evening, much to the delight of the sixth formers, Mrs Littler and Mrs Branney joined in with the ‘Ringos (inner tubes which scoot down the slope and can be spun, linked or raced) - all of which took place! An early night was followed by watersports but conditions were mill-pond calm so blustery sailing was replaced by the serenity of kayaking.

Although the excitement levels may not have been quite as high back at school, we did feel that little punch of energy that comes with September. The energy of getting back into a routine: getting up early, interacting with more people and the satisfaction of getting things done. As the leaves start to yellow and redden, there is a crispness in the morning air, smart, new stationery in the pencil case, and more purpose in the walk. September is also the time when we can review the previous year and set new resolutions about the year ahead - not just about working harder and meeting deadlines but also about social interactions and our role in the school community.

In assembly today, we took time to think about these opportunities as well as what we can do to make Canbury a safe and warm and welcoming place for everyone. Our Head Girl and Head Boy, Otti and Harry helped to welcome our new Year 7s as well as Louis (in Year 9) and Max (in Year 10). We talked about re-establishing routines including healthy sleep patterns and taking the time to appreciate the opportunities around us. Next week is an opportunity to put our new resolutions into practice.

Ms Yates


Students of the week

Year 7

Bethany for her thoughtfulness and consideration of others.

Lydia, Rory, Bethany, Francesca and Evan for their positive start to secondary school Mathematics.

All Year 7s who have impressed Mr Batten with their team spirit and enthusiasm in English.

Excellent Spanish conversations from all the Year 7 students this week as they learn how to say their name, how they are feeling and where they live. Estupendo.

Here are the Year 7s during their first Wellbeing lesson. Well done to all students for some insightful comments and great effort!

Year 8

Students for their “Interview with Dracula” performances and especially Brendan’s witty response to a rather gory answer from the famous vampire: "Moving swiftly on!"

Great work from students in Spanish as they learn how to talk about their recent holidays.

Year 9

A great start to the new year in English lessons with a calm, working atmosphere in every session this week. Keep up the good work!

Muy bien, Year 9 Spanish students. You are coping very well with the new words and phrases as we ban the use of the old easy ones! Senora Porter says be careful or she will be demanding chocolate every time she hears a banned phrase!

Year 10

Year 10s impressed Mrs Burke with how well they coped with an intense and fast-paced English lesson. Very well done.

The Geography students have had a marvellous start to the academic year. Mrs Branney says she is super impressed with their appetite for learning and the positivity they have shown thus far. Keep it up!

Year 10 GCSE Photography students have got off to a fantastic start making surrealist collage responses to the work of Hannah Hoch. Carl, Flora and Isabella can be seen here.

Spanish GCSE students have got off to a flying start too, with Senora Porter saying they have shown fabulous effort.

All IGCSE Year 10 mathematicians for their excellent understanding of interpreting, representing and solving inequalities.

The Drama GCSE students - Flora, Issy, Anders and Kyrell, whom Mr Batten says have shown great enthusiasm and focus this week. He says he is really looking forward to working with you for the next two years.

Year 11

Shaaiyon for his superb work over the holiday on his BTEC Sport assignment.

Ain, Phoebe and Alannah for their excellent work on Compound Area and their positive approach in lessons as they start Year 11.

Jack will be refereeing his first game on Sunday - good luck Jack.

Well done, Ain, Harry A, Harry L and Matthew for great Spanish speaking practice as they begin to prepare for their Spanish GCSE speaking exam.

Phoebe has had a very busy and productive summer working on her art GCSE natural form studies. Well done Phoebe on your hard work and dedication. It is certainly paying off.

Year 13

Well done to Matt and Joe for making a fantastic start on their BTEC Sport assignment on the rules and regulations of Olympic Sports.

Emily for her hard work over the summer reviewing Year 12 'A' level Mathematics so that she is fully prepared for the year ahead.

Sport round-up

For the first time in two years, Canbury is back at Thames Young Marniers! We had a fantastic first session on the lake with students having the opportunity to use bell boats, canoes, kayaks and paddleboards. Even though they had not been on the water in a long time, everyone was soon back in the swing of things and showed great control of their crafts. The water was also a welcome relief to the near 30 degree temperatures!

KS3 also had an additional Games lesson this week, where we went up to Roehampton Leisure Centre and introduced the students to the unfamiliar sport of Kinball. Kinball is a dynamic, inclusive sport which the students really enjoyed. It also gave Mr Barnes and Mr Wallbank the opportunity to run over the students with a large ball - which they described as a win win situation.

Oh Oli!!!
Mr Wallbank getting stuck in.

News from the Sixth Form Calshot trip.

Sixth Former Seb has written an account of this week's team-bonding residential visit to sunny Calshot. Well done Seb. Pictures supplied by Mr McGregor. We apologise for the uninspired layout of the photos - this is due to on-going and very frustrating IT issues this week with the power cut.

On 6th September 2021, the 6th Form students went on a bonding trip to Calshot Activities Centre, which is a trip that happens every year. We all got on the bus after registration with our bags and the journey down to Southampton was very enjoyable. When we got to the centre, we had a quick debriefing and lunch. We also had dinner and a delicious breakfast and lunch the next day. The food was amazing and they had a lot of different options, the staff were all very friendly and made me feel very welcome. I liked the room and got a pretty good view of the beautiful seafront. I was very excited when I got into my room and instantly made myself at home. As for sleep, I slept perfectly. In fact, it may be the only time on a school trip I’ve got up the latest!! The beds were very comfortable and I went straight onto the top bunk, where I had a very peaceful sleep.

Go Victor!
And Rhian!
Mrs Littler gives it a go.
We do love to be beside the seaside.....

We did a lot of activities on the trip and I had a go at all of them, even though I was a little out of my comfort zone on the climbing wall because I’m scared of heights. I enjoyed skiing the best, even though I fell over a lot I had a lot of fun on the ski lift. I especially enjoyed kayaking on the last morning, which we swapped sailing for because the waters were quite calm. I capsized quite a lot but in some very unorthodox and funny ways, and I’m sure my rendition of that scene from Titanic was very much enjoyed by all. After kayaking, we had a nice lunch and went back on the road home. The journey back was very enjoyable too and after a day of long and exciting activities, I think we were all glad to be back.

Overall it was a very fun trip and I would like to thank the teachers for making this trip happen and making it so enjoyable.

Canbury Clubs are back - it's all going on!

The club sign up form has been sent today via email. Please contact reception if you didn't receive it. Do discuss the various clubs that are running this term at home and do sign up! Most clubs will start on Monday 13th September.

In addition to the clubs on the sign-up sheet, we are running four homework clubs this term:

Monday lunch time in the Spanish Room.

Tuesday lunch time in the English Room.

Wednesday after school in the Geography Room.

Thursday after school in the Geography Room.

Students do not have to sign up for these clubs, but they can attend as and when needed.

Lunch Clubs start at 1.00pm and finish 1.30pm

After school clubs start at 3.40pm and finish 4.30pm

House events will be starting soon, so please check the house board for further information. House events will usually run in the Art room on a Tuesday lunchtime.

Any questions around clubs, please contact reception.

And finally....

A reminder that the Canbury Book Club will begin the week commencing September 20th to give students time to start reading ‘Tess of the D'Urbervilles’ by Thomas Hardy. Students are asked to borrow a copy of the book from their local library if they don't have one.

ICT/Computing: Mrs Burt says please can all students bring headphones on the day they have their ICT lesson? She says you've had a great start to the new term and she is really impressed with how hard the students are working.

In the Summer Term, we told you about a free maths summer school that students could sign up for. Ms Boyle says she knows those students who participated really enjoyed the experience. Now the same people, Eedi, have another free offer. All Year 5 to Year 9 (ages 9 to 14) families are being offered free access to Eedi School League, a maths learning league designed to motivate children to build maths confidence. Students can win prizes for participation and the whole course is designed to be fun not a chore. Do take a look at https://eedi.com/school-league for all the information you need.

Join Teddington RFC U14 (Year 9) Boys for a free open day on 19th September 2021 at 12:30pm in Bushy Park for an introductory rugby session and club BBQ. All levels of playing ability are welcome – no previous rugby experience is required. The open day is for boys in Year 9 at school and will be led by qualified coaches who will deliver the session through fun rugby-based games. For any questions and to pre-register your interest email TRFCU14@gmail.com