world war ii by;dj lewis

  • World war two began in Europe in 1939,it all ended in 1945.
  • The two groups of the war was the axis powers and the allies.
  • The allies were France and Great Britain and the USA and the soviet union.
  • The axis powers were germany ,italy and japan.
  • Pearl harbor was one of the reasons of the war.
  • There were 35 million to 60 million deaths in pearl harbor.
  • D-day happened on june 6,1944.
  • The real name for d-day was operation overlord.
  • The invasions started at 6;30 am.
  • The 8 beaches were omaha,juno,sword,gold,vtan,pointe oc hoc.
  • Then at the end of the day all of the beaches were secured.
  • The hardest battle was omaha beach.
  • T largest sea battle of world war 2 was leyte gulf.
  • The battle was fought in the philippines.
  • There were 27 sea battles of world war 2.
  • The japanese lost 12,500 naval soldiers.
  • The allied lost around 2,800 naval soldiers.
  • There were 5 large battles only.
  • Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazis.
  • He was born on April 20th,1889.
  • He died on April 30th,1945.
  • In world war 2 him and his party killed 11 million people.
  • In world war 2 him and his party killed 6 million Jews.
  • Adolf Hitler was the cost of the holocaust.
  • The holocaust was the systematic and bureaucratic persecution to 6 million jews by the nazi regime.
  • There were over 40.000 work camp.
  • The most dangerous camp was auschwitz thatsthe building in this picture.
  • The nazis forced 60.000 prisoners to march to other locations because the allies were getting close.
  • The allies helped free the prisoners but still some died.
  • Then in 1945 hitler killed himself because he did not want to be captured.
  • The nazis formed a plan to counterfeit the britsh.
  • A group of teenagers known as the edelweiss pirates rebelled against the nazi regime.
  • The nazi flag symbol was a swastika.
  • The red on the flag meant blood.
  • The black on the flag meant oil.
  • The german words for blood and oil are blut and boden.
  • Adolf Hitler was the chancellor of germany.
  • Winston Churchhill was the prime minister of great britian.
  • Franklin Roosevelt was the president of the usa.
  • Joseph Stalin was the chancellor of the soviet union.
  • Benito Mussolini was the leader of italy.
  • Hirohito was the emperor of japan.
  • The axis powers had better machinery but we had more people thats how we won.
  • In world war two they used small arms and artillery and tanks and mines.
  • They used pistols rifles and sub machine gunsand hand gernades and flame throwers.
  • They used v2 rockets and anti-aircraft guns.
  • They also used tanks and ground mines.
  • The germans used poison gas in world war 1 but not in world war 2
  • Mustard gas and xylyl bromide gernade that is a gernade that has gas in it and it explodes.
  • We did not use poison gas in ww2 we had the atomic bomb.
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not radioactive anymore because the bomb did not touch the ground it exploded in the air.
  • Fat man was the code name for the bomb.
  • 10 %of USA electricity was made from dismantled bombs.
  • Russia has more than 8400 nuclear weapons than any other country.
  • There is a nuclear bomb lost somewhere off the coast of Georgia.
  • Barack Obama was the first sitting president to visit Hiroshima after the 71 years of the atomic bomb

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