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This website is a part of the Building Capacity Series produced by the Ministry of Education.It emphasized on student's identity and their active role in learning.It also guide us to include student voice in planning learning opportunites in the classroom.

Reason for this task:This monograph was very impressive and it resonated my believes.I also liked the practical strategies discussed to support ELL's .I always like to have good rapport with my students and I try my best to first connect with my students before starting my classroom teaching.

Importance in relation to work with ELL's :This monograph discussed practical strategies which teacher can adopt to benefit ELL's.According to it,teacher should explore the student's identity and try to know about each student in more dimensions rather than academics.Teacher should know the strengths,needs and interests of the child,as this will enable them to help make relevant and authentic connections of student with the learning.Through feedback and conversation about different aspects of students’ lives, teachers facilitate personal investment in learning.


Presentation: Teaching principles

This assignment was based on summary presentation of the teaching principles which I considered more important when working with ELL's.I tried to first have three main ones but all which I included have their own relevance while dealing with ELL's.

Reason for this task:In my presentation I tried to summarize all the important principles which are going to enrich my knowledge and understanding for ELL's classroom.There were few principles which I am already implementing in my teaching practice but still I took them as I really want to keep myself reminded with those.There were few principles new and they enriched my knowledge i.e Constant correction may limit participation and increase anxiety, thus limiting development. Respond to errors judiciously and respectfully, providing necessary feedback without embarrassing students.Even respecting silent period was also one of them.

Importance in relation to work with ELL's: All the principles discussed in the presentation are really meaningful for the educators dealing with ELL's.It will provide different strategies that will benefit ELL's and engage them in productive learning.

Capacity building:




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