Flower Power By Alex Ortiz

The European Frog-Bit also known as the Hydrocharis Morsus-Ranae is in the Plantae kingdom, its order is Alismatales,its family is Hydrocharitaceae, its genus is Hydrocharis and its species is Morsus Ranae .(unranked)it is also an Angiosperm meaning that it's a type of plant that produces flowers

Here are some structural adaptations. New European Frog-Bit's can grow from different stem fragments of other plants as well as from other Frog-Bits. The Frog-Bits' roots grow 50 cm down. The leafs shape is a heart. The flowers' shape is like a lily that is white with the yellow middle.

Its native region is Asia and Africa but the Frog-Bit is invasive to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. They also invade New York, Vermont, Michigan, Washington State and the Karwartha Lakes. It is believed that the Frog-Bits came to Canada and the U.S by boat travel.

European Frog-Bits' negative impact on biodiversity: The European Frog Bits form thick mats in the water which prevents boat travel in those waters. The thick mats also block sunlight for the species below that need heat to survive. Thirdly when a large colony of them dies they decompose and remove oxygen from the body of water.

Which body of water looks cleaner?

Here's a video in Reeds Lake about the attack of the European Frog Bit

Here's what you can do:

Report Sightings at 1-800-563-7711

Do not boat on Frog-Bit infested waters

Never release aquarium pets into the wild for they may become invasive if they survive

Thank You for listening to me about the invasive specimen... EUROPEAN FROG-BIT


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