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$15 Trillion on Energy

  • Over $15 trillion is spent to power our houses, factories, cars, planes, smartphones and computers each year
  • 4.6 million people die each year from pollution
  • 7.5 billion want electricity that is clean, inexpensive and constant



Our Solar Panels work at Night

  • Solar and Wind are great - but they only work 5 hours a day
  • After 18 years of research and $4.5 million invested, we have developed breakthrough solar technology
  • Our solar panels produce clean electricity without pollution
  • Our solar panels produce electricity inexpensively
  • Our solar panels work constantly - day and night - 24 hours a day - installed indoors or outdoors
  • No batteries needed for constant power generation


We Can Sell Continual Electricity for 2¢

  • We generate income by selling electricity to Utility Companies
  • A small utility contract - 100 megawatts - generates over $12 million profit per year for 20 years


Our Team


Funding Needed >> $25M

  • Complete our first product -- 1 megawatt generator - enough to power 250 homes
  • Generator is the size of a 20-foot shipping container
  • Complete generator certification and commercial testing
  • Begin generator manufacturing
  • Sign over 1,000 megawatts in Utility Contracts (value of $2.5B)
  • Completed within 24 months


Wouldn't it be revolutionary if our sun could be captured 24 hours a day?

A $15 trillion energy industry changes forever


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