chillllantistopialand chilll

chilll, or die a non chilller

Our mission is to make sure that no one is stressing and to make sure that everyone is doing what they want! Chilll is how everyone is in our utopia.

  1. You can't do bad stuff
  2. No littering
  3. Always spell chilll with 3 lll
  4. No stressing
  5. Be chilll
  6. Do your Daily jobs
  7. No hanging out with people from Booklantis
  8. Be nice
  9. Share
  10. Be a good citizen

It will be located on a island that is in the middle of no where so you have to be chilll to get there.

Our schedule is sleep from 12 p.m to 9 a.m and then you have to do your jobs and then the rest of the day is yours!

We will have a Republican government so that we can have a president and all of the people have rights.

People need to come to our utopia because it is organized and you can basically do whatever you want (it is also known as chillling).

this is our seal


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