Forgiving BY: Aidan heaney

The day this event occurred in Cumberland, RI, no one was home besides my brother and his friend. I knew something was going to occur knowing they had no supervision. My parents weren’t home, nor was I, and my brother and his friend were home alone. My grandparents were on their way, but first picked me up from baseball. My grandparents and I, got home and walked in on Liam and his friend. I then settled in and ate dinner, after I was finished I went to call my mom but could not find my phone. I instantly asked my brother where it was thinking he had it. He said that he didn’t know, and that I probably misplaced it. I than looked all over the house for at least 45 minutes, but couldn’t find anything. Outside, inside, in the basement, I checked everywhere but my phone just wouldn’t show up. The situation was extremely vexed and took up way too much of my time. My grandparents than left to go on an errand. I finally had given up and started to walk upstairs, when all of a sudden I overheard my brother saying “We hid his phone, he’ll never find It!” with all my aggression I instantly walked in with very little regret and tons of apoplectic, and forced him and his friend to tell me where it was. Liam began to feel scared and frightened about what I was about to do. I saw his phone lying on the bed and knew it was my chance. I let go of my brother and grabbed the phone and ran into my room and locked the door. Him and his friend started knocking I bellowed at my brother telling him I would call mom If he didn’t tell me where it was. But than, as I was wailing at my brother his phone died and I wasn’t able to call anyone. 2 days went buy and I still didn’t have my phone. At times I didn’t even think about it, but others times I really needed it, the only thing I could do was go outside and watch TV. It wasn’t all that repulsive. But still, no phone was to be found. But finally, the third day came. Liam went outside to play basketball when I noticed his phone left on lying on the couch. I picked it up and was about to call my mom when he walked in. “PUT MY PHONE DOWN” he said while screaming at me. But I wouldn’t let go, I didn’t let him have it. A skirmish broke out, It took 20 minutes until he finally told me where my phone was. He brought me outside and told me the general area of where it was. I than looked, 5 minutes later there it was lying underneath a rock, still working, not even dead, with tons of text messages from my mom. It was over, the looking, the waiting was over. I had finally found my phone. I thought about getting my brother back but thought to myself that it wasn’t the right thing to do. I walked up to my brother and forgave him for what he did. At the end of the day It wasn’t the end of the world that I was missing my phone for only two days. Ever since then my brother has never messed around with my phone. If I never forgave him, he would probably still be doing the same thing today.

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