Civil War Battle of nashville and Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant was a general during the civil war and supported the Union. After Grant had claimed victory over the South, he was elected president on March, 4, 1869 and held that position until March, 4, 1877. Ulysses died on July, 23, 1885 from Esophageal Cancer.

Grant's face was put on the 50 dollar bill during his presidency and insures his place in history and shows his impact during the civil war.

The Battle of Nashville was an attack by the Union to destroy the Confederate Army of Tennessee. For the Confederate side the General was John Bell Hood and the Union had Gen. George Henry Thomas. The battle to place on Dec. 15 1864 and ended on Dec. 16 1864 in Nashville,Tennessee. The Union won, which crippled the Confederacy and left them with no major army to fight with, which is why the Confederacy had to surrender soon after, on April, 9, 1965.

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