Cause and Effects of Exploration Jacob Frank, mrs. lyon, world history, 3/17/2017

Cause #1: Europeans want to find a water route to Asia.

There are many different causes for European exploration, however the biggest one is the fact that Europeans wanted an all water route to Asia to not only find spices but also spread religion and for a few other reasons . Through this drive many failed but few succeeded. One such explorer that failed and is the most recognizable is Christopher Columbus. He sailed from Spain with a few ships and landed in the America's. Until his death he firmly believed that he landed in the East Indies. However on the other end of the spectrum, Ferdinand Magellan was successful in his search for the all water route to Asia. He sailed around Africa and landed in the Philippines from Portugal. Secondly just the fact that these explorers sailed around the world, sparked the others to explore because they too wanted the resources and the sense of adventure that drove all of the explorers. In conclusion many people explored for a wide range of reasons, which included wanting resources and to spread their religons.

CAUSE #2: Europeans wanted precious stones and gold

Simply put exploration was expensive; you first had to build a ship or buy one which is really expensive, then you had to find a crew and they all wanted money for food and housing and more, and finally you had to buy supplies which were expensive as well. Through this we can see that many explorers needed gold or other precious stones to pay for all of their ships, men, and supplies. Many of which thought that Asia contained these resources that they so dearly needed and wanted. This leads us back to explorers wanting to find an all water route to Asia. Also many countries sent out explorers to find these resources to help pay for the very expensive Crusades. We know from these wars that were very expensive for troops and supplies, so the countries needed a quick and easy way to make lots of money and by buying these stones or gold from Asia for cheap they could resell them for a higher price and make lots of money to help pay for the Crusades. In conclusion many different people and countries wanted to find or buy precious stones and gold from Asia to pay for a wide variety of things.

Effect #1: Many Natives died from diseases.

Although many different good and beneficial things came from exploration, there were just as many bad or detrimental things that occurred. One of these bad things was that the natives were dropping like flies when the Europeans arrived. This happened because although the Europeans were immune to some diseases they still carried them with them wherever they went and infected the natives. This doesn't sound like a problem, however it is because the natives we not immune to these diseases and then died from simple diseases like smallpox, the common cold, or even malaria. This was a major problem because the natives were not immune to these diseases and so they would die really quickly and from diseases that we today don't think are a major problem. In conclusion there were many different positive things that occurred from exploration, but for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and the opposite reaction was the natives dying from simple diseases.

Effect #2: Enslavement of the natives/others.

Although the deaths of the natives was a major effect of exploration it was not the only horrible cause. The next effect was the fact that the Europeans enslaved many different people. Of these people they many enslaved African's and the Native people of where they conquered. This is a major problem because the Europeans exposed the slaves to a variety of other diseases if they brought the slaves back to their mother countries. They also removed the people from their home land which caused them to become home sick and causing them to not work as well and then the slave owners would get angry and beat or kill them and then the whole process would start over again with a different place. Finally this was a major effect of exploration because without slaves the Europeans could not get as much work done as they did because they would not have had as many people to do the work. In conclusion there were many different effects from exploration, however Europeans enslaving the natives and African's was a major problem for a wide variety of people.

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