Weather is cool Ophelia E.


The way the air and atmosphere is around you.


To collect information about weather.

I learned that weather can be very dangerous.

I learned that graphing data is very cool but you have to follow the weather exactly.


The way the weather is in a certain area.

In the Tropical zone the seasons only change slightly.

In the Temperare there is warm dry summers and short , rainy winters.

In the Tundra zone of the polar climates, winters are long and dark.


Artic Tundra, Grasslands, Deciduous Forest, Taiga, Tropical Forest, Desert.


The conclusion that I can report about our lab is that the building closer to the ground get destroyed easer and the houses higher up are safer.


A design solution could be to go to a cellar during a tornado because it is under ground and tornados usually pitch up what is in there way and not underground.


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