Hear the Song IndiA's music

As I go to Bolpur on the train, a person walks down the aisle playing a stringed musical instrument called an eaktara. This was my first experience with Indian music. 

This was my second experience with music in India. We went to an Indian store, and in the front there were these people playing musical instruments. (They spent more time arguing over what to sing more than actually singing.) The person on the left was playing the tablas, a kind of Indian drum. The person on the right was playing a dotara. The person in the middle was playing a harmonium.

This was my third experience. This took place at the Bolpur Aamar kutir. The lady is playing an eaktara. The other people are playing sitars and flutes.

This was my final experience with Indian music, where I visited my dad's village. There was a huge parade. Well, almost huge. People were playing tablas or singing or dancing to the music.

The music in India is nothing short of amazing.

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Rittik Ghosh

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