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"Is it so bad to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood and socrates and jesus, and luther and copernicus and galileo and newton and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood." -Ralph waldo emerson

At Eminem's 2014 Veterans day concert, the crowd was shocked and disappointed at Marshall for his profanity. His duet with Rihanna was astonishing but the fact that he was cussing on stage in front of hundreds of kids and parents was disgraceful and disrespectful. Marshall does state that his words come whatever the way they want to come, whether it's about rape, murder or hatred, it just slips out which makes him successful. He does say that all rappers have a purpose of writing their songs, and his purpose is about expressing the way he feels toward certain people/things.

I'm not saying that Eminem is misunderstood more like Jesus or Galileo, but it is confirmed that Slim's way of writing music is putting his anger on a piece of paper and spitting it on the microphone. All the men mentioned were great rebels, who were harshly criticized, just like The Real Slim Shady.

Eminem may be a bad-mouthed rapper in need of the unwanted attention toward his personal life and his struggles; but nevertheless, he is who he is; the Real Slim Shady. Messages of rage and hatred found in his songs are coming from his heart but he still is a genius with his words and the way he expresses them toward millions of fans around the world who are trying to be like him. If the Transcendental trend was still happening, Eminem would be more likely to join that crowd.

"Self Reliance"

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you someone else is a great accomplishment"

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

During a photoshoot one night, Kim Kardashian was harshly criticized by her swerving curves. The photo was actually leaked by someone and people were just constantly posting about it making her feel bad. She then later came out and said that all girls should be proud of their bodies and no one should tell you who you should really be. And that girls should not change who they are but to accept it.

I don't have a problem with discussing girls issues because it can become a serious manner due to the fact that girls are a little more self-conscience than guys like me are. But it makes sense for someone like Kim to accept the fact that she's not a perfect woman. I think she's a great actor who hardly ever self-conscience about herself, and that she's proud of her body. I think her self-reliance is a great example.

K. Kardashian is an actress who deals with a lot of hate in her style of acting than most actresses. But nevertheless, she is a beautiful girl with a whole lot of talent and skills, and most actresses don't have that. Kim doesn't deserve to be criticized just by her curves because our genes our different and have a different effect on most of us. No one's perfect, no one deserves to be perfect.

Importance of Nature

"In nature, every moment is new, the past is always swallowed and forgotten; the coming is only sacred. Nothing is secure but life, transition, the energizing spirit."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

In Michael Jackson's song, Heal The World, he sings/talks about the inhumanity to his fellow man (God) is the one he is most proud he created. This song he wrote is a soothing, beautiful and inspirational song to keep the Earth healthy, kind-hearted and danger free. It is the ninth single in the album Dangerous released in 1993. This songs atmosphere is very relaxing while there is the strumming of an acoustic guitar and peaceful harmony in Michael's Voice.

The ninth track "Heal the World" was Michael Jackson's second song about nature and the way Earth is taking every thing for granted. In this song, he talks about the children who are starving, lonely and poor, which turns Michael into a man of God and his Lord and Savior. These lyrics contain the lines, "And the dreams we were conceived in will reveal a joyful face/And the world we once believed in will Shine again in grace.../Then why do we keep strangling life, wound this Earth, Crucify it's soul?/ Though it is plain to see, this world is heavenly, Be God's Glow..." These lyrics contain transcendental quality that shares a similarity with the importance of nature and the way Earth should be treated to earn a better view. Jackson's experiences with his songs are known to be Christian, and about people should treat other people and the way the environment and continent should be treated.

Like the Emerson quote says, Michael is able to compare himself to others around him. Michael sings about his people, African Americans, who are economically poor and have no food, no parents, no shelter. Michael who was once black, puts himself in the position of kids like him who were poorly treated, hardly fed, had no money and couldn't go to school. Michael's view on poor families, African American to Mexican to Italian to even Americans is very strong as he motivates people to make a change once in a while and think about what struggles those poor families go through; whether it's dying of hunger, diseases, thirst, people should be treated as we are as we take it for granted.

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