Disturbia Tre'von Florence


On a island in the middle of the Bermuda triangle there is a small dystopia known as Disturbia. In Disturbia there is one king who has full control of everything from curfew times to how much is earned when working throughout the week. The king gets to pick the next ruler when he steps down and he is the only one that has any say in deciding. The military has to act directly under the king. If rules are broken the punishment for men ranges from torture chambers to death by guillotine depending on the depth. For women They are usually raped and forced to service the king and his men. The punishment for children is Military service until they have fully paid they're crimes off.


Money in Disturbia is usually mainly owned by the rich and high class while the middle class uses rations and less amounts of money to pay for things. The poor usually don't have jobs and are performing on the streets just to get change to pay for a meal at the end of the week. Women that are poor are sometimes forced to be personal slaves and are used for their bodies for little pay just to eat and feed their kids for the night.


Disturbia is not a religious society, so the practice of any religion is strictly prohibited and if caught all criminals male or female will be sentenced to be tied up and have tomatoes thrown at them for two days.

social structure

In Disturbia one must stay with the person they started a relationship the first time. There are no change of partners and all love must be shown behind closed doors. A maximum of no more than two kids and 1 pet. Friendships are allowed but to a state of only friends. If one is found out to have multiple partners; he or she will have to choose in front of both.

arts and entertainment

All entertainment is presented in the arena every other day with swords fights, animal vs man matches, and jousting. Television is strictly news and one animated show for middle and lower class. The rich and the king get to enjoy all sorts of entertainment from drama plays in the theatre to personal magic acts.

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