Greece by: Jaycie Bishop

Thracian Dance

Thraki is in western Greece and this area is known as one of the final destinations many refugees came to because of cultural and religious reasons. The dances move more as one unit rather than having leadership roles.

Seafood and Gyro meat are popular additions to meals.

Meals in Greece typically last a couple hours because they believe that those sit down meals should be spent enjoying the food and the people you are eating with.

There are 6,000 islands in Greek sovereign land but only 227 islands are inhabited. The Greek islands appeal both Greek and foreign visitors because of the safe waters and the close proximity of all the islands.

There are many temples and open-air theaters still intact throughout the region. The open-air theaters were used for the first Olympics. The Greek architecture had much influence on other European countries as time went on.

There is not one book to refer back to when it comes to Greek mythology, but it initially began through oral tradition. That caused poets to start writing more about them (Iliad & The Odyssey). These characters and their stories has heavily influenced art and literature for thousands of years.

The Acropolis Museum

There are hundreds of museums displaying paintings and sculptures about Greek history throughout the region. The Acropolis Museum is a main attraction because of the amount of pieces (4,000) within the building. It holds all of the findings on the rocks and slopes on the archaeological site of the Acropolis of Athens.


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