WHHS Student Chromebook Announcements Back-to-School 2020-21

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!

Since are starting off with distance learning, Chromebooks were distributed to new students earlier than usual (July 28-30, 2020). If you still don't have a Chromebook, see make-up days (August 5-7, 2020) and if those don't work, please email our VP Mrs. Baker: abaker@guhsd.net

Chromebook Repair Info for Distance Learning

When learning on-campus, students usually go to the physical library for help with Chromebook repairs. For distance learning, see the plan linked below. If you have any questions, please email our VP Mr. Hoadley: jlhoadley@guhsd.net

Already turned a Chromebook to be repaired? Information will be coming soon on how to get repaired Chromebooks - keep checking your school email for updates.

Need basic Help getting started with your Chromebook?

In addition to using the start-up guide linked below, please know that you can always get extra technology help by emailing our Teacher Librarian Ms. Sannwald: ssannwald@guhsd.net

Especially for returning students!

Charge your Chromebook and log in! Make sure that your Chromebook is working and updated so that things run optimally. To check for updates, go to: chrome://help

Chromebook/Google Password Not Working?

Try the default password convention shown below.

Still can't log in? Contact help@guhsd.net or call 619-956-HELP

Infinite campus/Campus portal login issues?

No wifi?

Check your Chromebooks date and time settings.

Click on the time and then the date. Your Chromebook requires the correct date and time to connect to our school's wifi network. These settings may be lost when a Chromebook's battery is fully discharged.

If you need help securing wifi at your home, please see these internet access options and communicate any unresolved access needs with your VP. If you do have to use your Chromebook offline at times, here is information on how to do so.

Insurance / Protection Plan

Returning GUHSD students: If you previously purchased a multi-year insurance policy, it will display as a "Resource Checkout" in Destiny. Click on the button below to log into Destiny, and then click on "My Info" to view checkout information (see this for help logging into Destiny). Not sure if your "checked out" insurance has expired? Email ssannwald@guhsd.net

All Students: If you do not have a current multi-year policy in place, you may purchase a new policy via the WHHS Finance Office. Click here to learn more about GUHSD Chromebook Protection Plans. The deadline to purchase a plan is September 18, 2020. NOTE: All purchased policies should display as "Resource Checkout" in Destiny (use button above).

Shortened URL to this resource: bit.ly/wh-bts-cbs