The Story of Star By: Randi-Lynn Smith

I began my incredible journey in the glaciers. I've lived there for 200 years. I went to school with all my friends and we had sleepovers and party's but then my parents said we had to move. "No!!!" I yelled. "We have to" they replied. "But I don't want to, can we please stay?" "No I'm done talking to you about this star; we are leaving tonight!" My mother screamed. Then that next morning we started precipitating.

It's so cold here

This is my new home groundwater I'm going to my new school today and I'm going to meet new people, I have new friends that are really nice we sat together at lunch and talked about college and what we're going to be when we get older. I also asked if they had any plans this weekend, because my mom said the weekend after we move I could have some new friends sleepover and have fun. We lived near the river and after 100 years we started flowing through the river.

I saw a worm go by, AWESOME!!!!!!!

I went to Water Adventure School it was really fun I hope we live here for a really long time. Then the next thing you know we're moving through a really big stream of water. I asked mom "hey mom if we move can we come back?" My mother answered " I don't know, we'll see." Then after another 100 years we moved again.

It's like a water slide, YAY!!!!!!

It's nice living in the river, I think I'm going to go to sleep. I slept for another hundred years and now I'm floating in the air. Wait my teacher told me about this I'm evaporating. My new home is in the clouds it's so fluffy!!!!!

It's so fluffy!!!!!

Now I live in the clouds it's so fun with all my new friends. I hope we live here forever. I have a new school, stay with my friends when mom and dad are on business trips, and I also have a new 2 story house and a farm of water horses, and wet pigs, and also water runway chickens this place is awesome it's been about 200 years and we still haven't moved yet. I think we'll be staying here for a long time.

The End


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