Judith Mendoza-Aransay SPANISH TEACHER


Flying overseas...

I was born in Spain but I have been studying and living in different countries: Italy, The Netherlands, Wales, England...

I speak fluently Spanish, Italian and English. I can talk a bit of French and understand a bit of German.

I have a daughter. Her name is Vega. I named her after my grand-mom and after the Summer star, main one of the constellation of Lyra.

Educational credentials

Shining like a sunflower in different classrooms, schools, parishes and countries...

  • Educational instructor in a Science museum in Spain for a year.
  • Science, Spanish and Math teacher in Spain for four years.
  • 6th, 7th and 8th grade Spanish teacher at Ridgewood Middle School (Shreveport, LA) for three years.
  • Science teacher in an Spanish Immersion program at Oak Park Middle for three years.
  • 6th, 7th and 8th grade Spanish teacher at SJ Welsh for four years.
  • Currently teaching 6th grade Spanish at SJ Welsh Middle.

Grants and awards

Heading to the top... :-)

  • $2,000 Voya Unsung Heroes® award winner in 2019.
  • Drew Grant winner 2019.
  • I-TEC Grant winner 2020.

Presentations and special projects

There still is a long way ahead towards the horizon... One step at a time.

2015-2017: Oak Park Middle Spanish Club sponsor.

2015-2016: M3 Mentor of two new Spanish teachers

2017: LFLTA Annual Conference round table presenter (Using iPads to engage students in communicative and collaborative activities)

2018: LFLTA Annual Conference round table presenter (games and technology in the Spanish classroom)

2017 - Present: SJ Welsh Spanish Club sponsor. Right before Covid-19 emergence, I was working with my Spanish Club members creating a digital story in Spanish to be shown at the Central Library.

2018 - Present: LFLTA board member, region V representative.

2020: LFLTA Annual Conference session presenter (Puppet show created by Spanish learners)

As Spanish teacher I have been performing a Cultural exchange with different schools in Spain for four years. My students at SJ Welsh have used Skype, Handouts and Flipgrid to communicate with their Spanish pen pals successfully throughout the year.


Foto 1: Video-conference with Spanish pen pals. Foto 2: Students actively engaged using Technology in my Spanish class. Foto 3: Spanish pen pals holding posters made by my American students.


All pictures are mine.