Ancient Roman Architecture

The ancient Roman empire and republic was a strong nation which influenced the west with important ideas the first main one would be Aqueducts that delivered water to certain areas as well as moving waste away from the city

these aqueducts would move water to areas like public baths and some people who had the money to had water running directly to there homes. but as well move water it moved waste and it is one of the first sewer systems and was implemented to stop the plague

the next roman invention is Trajan's market

This five floor building was an all purpose complex with a collection of utilities like housing, stores and restaurants it was the first mall ever

One of the best inventions of Rome was concrete

Concrete is one of or the most important invention of Rome to this day we use it everywhere. In ancient Rome there was cement roads that connected all of the territory that ancient Rome had taken it was all so used in infrastructure like to build the stuff that was higher up on the page. This easy to find and make material was what Rome was built on and so is a lot of the buildings in modern times as well.

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