Killing Viruses with the Help of a Frog SNAA---Destiny Valentine---5th period---4/18/17

A frog's mucus from south India can help destroy flu strains and protect mice against getting the flu infection. The peptide produced is called urumin, and has been one of the few tested to have a positive reaction when added to red blood cells. Urumin is far from becoming an anti-flu drug, but its evidence of it's flu killing abilities may help prevent or stop the disease in the future.

Important Vocabulary!

Anti-Microbial- Noun- an antimicrobial agent, as a drug
Peptide-Noun-A compound containing two or more amino acids in which the carboxyl group of one acid is linked to the amino group of the other.

I chose this particular article because I think it's important to spread our knowledge about new ways to prevent and/or destroy diseases. It will help to keep our homes healthier and may even be a cheaper way to help destroy the flu. Hopefully they do more research so there are many, as opposed to one way to stop the flu.

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Killing Flu Viruses With Help From A Frog by Cell Press Published- 4/18/17

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