ISIS in Syria & Iraq

The conflict is in Syria and Iraq

This is happening because of religiousconflict

War zone

Masked jihadi are the people involved

The Sunni Muslims are the religious group involved

The physicla geography makes it so they can't get to the U.S because of the ocean

They are fighting for land/territory

Yes thousands of other religions of people are being killed

The U.S is getting too involved, and other countries aren't involved enough

ISIS became a big deal in 2008 when they defeated Iraq

ISIS wants land and territory from a lot of countries and all of the countries are fighting back so they don't lose it

Iraq and syria want to defend there land and territories and keep there citizens safe

The history of this conflict is making everyone that isn't Muslim think that a Muslim person walking down the road is a terrorist

The US should be concerned because the Isis is recruiting more people all over the world to start trying to take over

The US recently bombed the Isis to stop some of them

I think the US should go over to Iraq and Syria and help the other countries out some more

I think the only way we could get the conflict to stop is to kill most of them so they don't have enough to go together and kill more innocent people

They will either get the land they want or they will give up be use they will find out that we are more powerfull than them

This conflict has not been solved yet


Created with images by Kurdishstruggle - "Peshmerga | Kurdish Army" • quapan - "Territorial Control in Syria (Kurds, Government, Rebels, Islamic State) Dec 12 2016" • Kurdishstruggle - "Kurdish YPG Fighters"

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