Chapter 11 The Cell Cycle:

The cell cycle is a chain of events. They lead up to ultimately, the cell dividing.

This is the first couple divisions of the cell but during it there is a resting period called interphase. The majority of a cells life is in the interphase stage as well.
After interphase, Prophase, also known as the first part of the cell dividing, happening right before metaphase happens, is when the chromosomes are seen. The next part is that It also, after being put together with chromatids, the nuclear envelope will no longer be visible and this stage is completed.
Metaphase, as said above, happens right after prophase and right before anaphase. The chromosomes attach to each other. The thing that is attaching the chromosomes are also known as spindle fibers.
Anaphase- at this point, the chromosomes are now moving away from each other as clearly shown in the picture. They are moving to other sides of the cell and not all different directions.
Telophase- It is the final stage. Finally when the chromosomes reach this point, you can now say that they are at opposite poles. Also as seen in the picture, Theresa re two nuclei formed.
Telomeres- they are at the end of the chromosome and they are basically protecting it. It is shown in the picture at the four ends. Note that it doesn't cover the entire thing.
Cancer- division of cells are ok but when they are uncontrolled, they are not good and are what we know as cancer cells. It grows tumors and is a deadly disease.

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