The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By Asia Thorpe

The Spatial Experience: When I first walked into the auditorium, I was impressed with how big it was and how it almost felt as if I had entered a different world once I was inside. I was seated right in the middle of the crowd in the center of the row so I had a great view. Being right in the middle of the crowd also made it feel more like a community experience. When the lights dimmed, I felt very eager and excited to enjoy the show and the size of the crowd made being in the audience feel like it was a bigger deal than probably was. The roles of place in the Good Life is how different places and our perception of them affect our emotions. Just being in a certain place can affect our headspace and mood in a very major way.

The Social Experience: Before the show, I put on nice clothes and actually wore heels for once. I attended the show with a friend that I met last semester. I'm very glad we worked out a plan to go together. Going to the show a friend made the play much more enjoyable because I could talk to her about it get her perspective. The role of shared experiences in the Good Life is that they give us things we can use to relate to other people. Shared experiences allow us to have deeper connections with the people around us., Industrial Workers, 1921

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play was set in Quebec during the Industrial Revolution. The central issues addressed in the play were the struggles the poor working class face against their employers as well as the role the individual plays in speaking out against social injustice. Before attending the play I knew about the awful conditions that many workers faced in many manufacturing jobs as well as the plight of child labor. After watching the performance, I had a much better understanding of how deeply rooted and cyclical the problems of the poor could be. Because of the bad environment and meager pay that these workers received, they could never afford to be able to secure a better life for their children therefore limiting them to the same low wage jobs. The play also made me think more deeply about the consequences that sexual abuse has on a person's life. The Divine also connects on a personal level as in our world right now, the media is under extra scrutiny in its role in calling out injustice.

Industry Kids, Modern Child Labor, 2007

The Emotional Experience: I think that The Divine is a great example of a play that allows us to examine the darker parts of humanity. It talks about sexual violence, death, child labor, and the exploitation of the working class. The audience gains katharsis by confronting the reality of those things in our society. We can also relate the themes in the play to our own lives and work to improve ourselves.


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